Ascent 271 – Alice Through the Looking Glass

alicelookingglass absolutely loved the Alice in Wonderland show with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Sue had acquired a few movies and one of them was the sequel – Alice Through The Looking Glass. I needed something a little lighthearted to watch and this felt like the perfect choice.

Alice, played again by Mia Wasikowska, finds herself once again in the wacky world of Wonderland.

When she learns the Mad Hatter is in a funk, she decides to help out her friend and bring him back.

It turns out the only way to do so is to steal the Chronosphere and go back in time to save the Mad Hatter’s family, ensuring he won’t be in a funk in the future.

Alice succeeds in getting the device, which opens up to allow her to step in and guide it back through time.

It is a wonderful fun romp with all the favorite Wonderland characters in the present and in the past, and Alice does what she can to attempt to change the past to influence the future.

Of course, in Wonderland, the impossible is often considered the routine …

Ascent 270 – Crave Burger

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that a delicious part of my first experience involves food. Primarily establishments I encounter for the first time.

While in Castle Rock CO, we were looking for a dinner spot. One of our party suggested Italian. Living in NYC, that didn’t really appeal to me. Then, Crave Burger Bar was mentioned and the description of a couple of their offerings sealed the deal for me.


I am striving to be diligent with what I eat and when I go off course, do up to my physical energy. We walked almost 2 miles each morning, then did a 45 minute yoga class. So, I little caloric diversion wasn’t a show stopper.

We arrived at the restaurant and then had to wait outside while the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. Finally, we were summoned in and ushered to our table.

craveburgerThe menu had some rather interesting named sandwiches, from which I chose the 3 Little Pigs with sweet potato fries. They have a Big Bad Wolf challenge where, if you eat 3 of these platters in 45 minutes, you get a t-shirt and your mug on the wall of fame. Presumably before heading for the ER.

They also had a rather interesting selection of adult milkshakes, which I didn’t partake of.

Although decadent and a dietary nightmare, the food was excellent. I did not finish my sandwich and had a hand with the fries.

We then walked 1.2 miles back to the hotel where we promptly crashed.

I look forward to another Crave in a few months.

Ascent 269 – A New Pendulum

I love using a pendulum as a truth-testing tool to determine whether something is optimal or not. It’s a simple yet powerful technique, I learned from Amy Scott Grant.

I have had several different pendulums over the years and once in a while, a new one presents itself to participate in your journey.

Amy’s daughter Sally – an enterprising young lady in her own right – creates custom pendulums and offers them for sale on her website.

Per usual, a selection were available during the retreat. The one I initially had my eye on with a beautiful Tree of Life was rapidly snapped up by another participant. I opted to just let it all flow, trusting that another would appeal to me in due time. Which it did.2016-09-27-16-46-56

It consisted of wood, smoky quartz, green flourite and turquoise which offers properties of growth, prosperity, grounding, emotional calm, positivity, healing and protection. Overall, it was clearly and energetic match for me, and it came home with me.

If you’d like to order a custom pendulum for yourself, check out And, for insights on using it, get a copy of Pendulum Mojo by Amy Scott Grant.

Ascent 268 – The Ripple Magic Journey

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. This has been a recurring theme in my journey over the last 15 or so years.

2016-09-25-14-04-32Early last year, it happened again when my friend and mentor, Amy Scott Grant, reached out to me and said we needed to talk. Amy is one of those people who, when she says she has something I need to hear, she gets my instant interest and my full attention.

I’ve been connected with Amy since before I started my coach training in 2005. The tools and techniques she has shared with me over the years have massively transformed my life and are a huge part of my energetic space today.

One of the things I love about Amy is that she tells it how it is. When we got on the phone, she asked me how I was doing and what was going on. I shared about how I was still employed in the corporate world and looking to get my coaching rocking and move on to the fulfilling life I desire.

She mentioned that I’d been sharing that for more than a few years now. She acknowledged that I have the coaching abilities and some unique talents and it wasn’t making sense why I wasn’t a huge success. I couldn’t answer it either and it just felt like it wasn’t quite my time.

Amy asked if I was ready to make it all happen and then shared with me about a program she has for a select few that is unlike anything else out there: Ripple Magic – Heal It Yourself.

I was doing a energy-depleting job with a hellacious commute in NYC and stated that I needed make a shift to free up time, energy and money before enrolling, so I could have more resources to devote and get maximum benefit.

In her usual loving way, Amy advised that is repeating the pattern and that the tools she will teach will bring clarity to ensure the next step is the most optimal.

I totally trust Amy and so I took the plunge. I signed up for Ripple Magic Transformation.

The program consists of several courses of unique education devoted to identifying and clearing the myriad of blocks that can impede our decisions, actions, fulfillment and peace of mind. It included weekly coaching sessions with an enlightened Ripple Magic Leader who demonstrated the tools and worked with me to clear my stuff and open up my space. (No matter how far along the path you think you are, there’s always something to clear.). It included monthly group calls and twice yearly retreats for live energy work and collaboration.

At the end of my year in the program, I was invited to participate in the leadership training. After demonstrating proficiency during the recent retreat, I was certified as a Ripple Magic Leader. I can now assist in sharing the tools and the concepts with the next program participants, in addition to utilizing them in my own healing & coaching practice.

My world has substantially shifted as a result of this program and the amazing skill and devotion of Amy Scott Grant.

If you would like to learn more about whether the Ripple Magic program is a fit for you, please see the below from Amy and a link to apply to get on the waiting list for the program.

Let’s make some Ripples.


What the heck IS Ripple Magic?

You may have heard be refer to it vaguely in the past as “my top tier clients” or “my one-year intensive.” Now, the program’s full and proper name is actually Ripple Magic: Heal It Yourself 

This is a work-at-your-own-pace program designed to create total life transformation by learning to heal yourself. Not only learning to heal yourself, but actually becoming so masterful at self healing that you may choose to heal others equally as well, from friends and family to clients who pay you for healing and mentoring assistance. 

What sets Ripple Magic apart from (fill in the blank of some other program you’ve heard about/tried)? Three things: its practical, simple, and achievable healing style; its versatility (you can literally use this to improve any area of your life, from relationships to money issues to career to health concerns), and its measurable and unequivocal results.

Ripple Magic: Heal It Yourself walks you through a practical, step-by-step process that empowers you to be able to heal absolutely anything – from addictions and phobias to blocks, doubts, limiting beliefs, physical limitations and conditions, money problems, and much more. Ripple Magic: Heal It Yourself does more than simply instruct you – it takes you through the entire process and into mastery by demonstration, anecdotes, caveats, exercises, real-world testing and application, building your confidence, troubleshooting, and developing you INTO a healer (and if you wish, a spiritual leader of your own right).

Maybe you’re thinking, “But I’ve tried Reiki, EFT, LoA, Access consciousness, crystal healing…etc. How do I know THIS one will work for me?”

Ripple Magic: Heal It Yourself is not a cookie-cutter approach to healing with rigid protocols and lengthy processes to memorize! Rather, this unique approach draws upon YOUR own inherent strengths (and strengthens and resolves your weaknesses through clearings and openings designed to expand your capacity as a healer) to develop you into a healer that can intuitively heal anything. It works for you because it helps you to see whatever isn’t working, so you can (wait for it…) Heal It Yourself! Likewise, this program assists you in sourcing and creating your OWN healing methods and processes so you can be your own healer, instead of relying on others to “fix” you. That’s part of the magic, and there’s nothing else out there like it! 

By the time you complete all of the resources in Ripple Magic: Heal It Yourself you will be able to identify and clear blocks and limitations for yourself and anyone else you choose. 

You start your ripple by healing yourself and you expand it even further if/when you choose to heal others as well. 

The world is waiting for you…is it possible that YOU’VE simply been waiting for Ripple Magic?

Go here to join the no-cost waiting list and be among the first to know when Ripple Magic opens for enrollment. 

Ascent 267 – Talisman Finds New Home

2016-07-18-13-29-00A couple of months ago, I wrote about a compass talisman that called to me at a restaurant in upstate New York. It just seemed like the most optimal symbol for my journey at that time, reminding me that the way will be found and to just trust.

It turned out to be elusive. Sometimes easily found amongst my stuff. Other times seeming to be lost, then reappearing. Like when I was asked for my ID at the pharmacy. When I took my license from the holder, there was my compass looking at me. I had been carrying it without knowing it Further proof to trust the process and the guidance.

On my recent flight to Denver, I was sitting next to a bubbly young lady, who was conversing energetically with the passenger on the other side. When they paused, I asked her if I overheard that she had a young one. She proceeded to show me a picture of her 2 year old son – a serious cutie with red curly hair. She then started to tear up as she shared his father had an alcohol problem and that, after 9 months of mental torment, she had stood up and declared he had to leave.

She was relieved to have made that decision albeit obviously concerned about the future, especially for her son.

In that moment, I felt the compass wanted to go somewhere else. I pulled it from my pocket, handed it to her and said “Give this to your husband and pray that it will help him find his way. I’ll be praying with you.”

She looked at me for a few seconds, then just said “Thank you.”

We finished the rest of the flight in silence and I pondered what talisman would find it’s way to me next.

Ascent 266 -Leadership Certification Begins 

I have started the last phase of a journey I’ve been working on for about 14 months.

I was invited to participate in the Ripple Magic program by my mentor, Amy Scott Grant. I decided to go all the way and get credentialed as a Ripple Magic Leader.

I’m currently in Castle Rock CO on retreat with a handful of amazing people, doing energy work and demonstrating proficiency in the program.

Today was simply phenomenal and it’s amazing how this work influences your energy.

To support the team in being open and grounded for today’s session, I led a yoga class in the room.

Preparing now to rest and repeat tomorrow.

Ascent 265 – The Howard Salad

Enjoying my sojourn from the corporate world, we took a drive in the sunshine today to get lunch somewhere different. Sue recommended Poppy’s Place in Floral Park NY, which is a short drive from the residence.

It’s a quaint area with a couple of Irish pubs that will require investigation in the near future.

Poppy’s Place was a small restaurant that has been there for a while. It had a comfy atmosphere and was almost empty as we were on the tail end of the typical lunch rush.

Having eaten out like banshees the last couple of nights for birthday celebrations, we were both in the mood for something lighter.

They had the usual fare on the menu with pastas, burgers, wraps, etc. I rarely peruse the salads in restaurants and am committed to shifting that.

2016-09-21-13-59-43Today, there was an interesting salad that caught my eye. Simply named Howard, it consisted of greens, almonds, cranberries, tangerine, blackened chicken and an orange citrus dressing.

It was a delightful combination. The sweetness of the fruit, the tang of the dressing and the spices of the chicken. I was pleasantly surprised and am keen to further explore the salad variations that are out there – especially those that omit meat.

To our health!