Ascent 235 – The Flatulence Documentary

fart-documentarySeriously! While perusing Amazon Prime for something lighthearted to watch, we came across Fart: A Documentary – The History and Humor of the Fart.

More curious than anything else, it was a hilarious analysis of that most unpopular of bodily functions. It is, of course, a completely natural phenomenon, a feature of the digestive system.

The movie explored the history of the activity and stated that the first recorded joke in history was about flatulence.


Although a natural function, there are of course, times when it’s unappreciated and doesn’t do well for one’s popularity. And there are times when it’s downright hilarious albeit I suspect that is more of a male trait. Children do tend to find it rather amusing also and are not the best ally if you happened to let one slip and are trying to downplay it.

The movie showcased Mr. Methane, an English … flatulist who actually makes a living entertaining audiences with his variety of derriere antics.


It was interesting to note the tolerance & acceptance in the various cultures, ranging from the indifference to certain death. (Seriously!).

If you are curious to gain some fresh perspective on this feature of our anatomy, check this movie out.

Ascent 234 – The Secret Life of Pets

We had planned on a pool party Sunday. The prospect of thunderstorms however prompted a plan B.

It was decided we would meet at a movie theater instead and enjoy some indoors entertainment.

After a long leisurely breakfast at IHOP, Sue, Gizelle and I headed off for the theater, where our friend Mike joined us.

The_Secret_Life_of_Pets_posterAfter a quick perusal of available movies, the group decided on The Secret Life of Pets. Tickets were bought pronto as these theaters have reserved seating and we wanted to sit together.

With some time to kill, we wandered around outside the mall for a bit, enjoying the sunshine that had decided to make an appearance.

As it came to the time for the movie to start, we made our way to the seats, picking up our 3D glasses on the way.

I love the AMC theaters, as they now have recliner seating, which is awesome to enjoy a movie from.

The Secret Life of Pets has a run time of 1 hour 30 minutes. It’s a delightful animated story of a group of pets in New York City, who get up to some wild antics when their owners leave for the day.

2016-08-21 21.31.27

It focus on Max, a lovable, spoiled terrier whose world gets turned upside down when his owner brings home Duke to join the family. Max and Duke are not getting along and, while outside being walked, leave the group and get into some trouble in the alleys.

I won’t share too much as I’m not a spoiler. The story was fast-paced and entertaining. The 3D was phenomenal and some scenes had you pushing back in your chair as objects came so close to your face.

Overall, a fun & enjoyable Plan B with great friends and wonderful energy to fuel the ride back to the city.

2016-08-21 19.36.05

Ascent 223 – Relaxing in Connecticut

New York City is an amazing space yet it’s good to get out of the metro area once in a while and slow things down for a bit.

We were planning on visiting our friend Gizelle for a pool party on Sunday, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape and spend the night in a new location.

An ideal-sounding bed & breakfast was located in Middlebury, CT and the booking made. After some chores and business Saturday morning, we headed out of the concrete jungle into the quieter realm of Connecticut.

The Tucker Hill Inn is a quaint establishment on Tucker Hill Rd in Middlebury, CT. It was originally opened as a team room in 1923 and became one of the premier dining establishments in the region.

The house appears older as it was built per older designs.

The owners, Rich & Sue, are a delightful couple who were very keen to share about the house, the area and local attractions. Sue was actually ready to head for a local lake when we checked in and she allowed us to follow her there. Lake Quassapaug was a delightful spring fed lake with crystal clear water. We enjoyed some wading and sitting on the dock for a while, then headed back to find a place for dinner.

2016-08-20 18.35.47 HDRSue recommended Maggie McFly’s, so we headed in that direction. It too was a pleasant place and not too busy. We took a table outside and were amazed at the extensive variety on the menu.

After an amazing meal, we returned to the B&B and sat & visited with Sue & Rich in their living room for a while.

The room was wonderful. Decorated in country style with beautiful antiques, there was a great energy in the room and one of the most comfortable beds I’ve experienced in a while. It didn’t take long to drift off to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

We joined another couple for a pleasant breakfast with copious amounts of coffee before heading off to join our friends.

Learn more about the Tucker Inn at

Ascent 231 – Serendipity Day

When I saw what today was on the eclectic calendar, how could I not write about it. Serendipity Day. Such a beautiful name albeit technically every day is such.

2016-08-18 20.28.01

The creators of this day believe that serendipity is no accident at all, but an attitude or a lifestyle in which you are always reaching for those unexpected things and expecting happy surprises to occur.

JoyfulMy life journey is clearly in the flow of this concept. I am committed to being in the present, open to everything and attached to nothing. This doesn’t mean that we don’t get to take action. On the contrary, action is an essential component to the unfolding. It’s the inspired action or response to the serendipitous happenings that create & maintain the momentum of that which is enlightening and fulfilling for us.

I find the simplest way to live in this space is to start each day with gratitude and end each day with thanks.

What a beautiful way to journey.

Ascent 230 – Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today’s first was once again brought to us by that repertoire of eclectic events –

I have never observed or celebrated Black Cat Appreciation Day, mainly because I have never owned one.

We currently have one – an energetic little furball named Bella, so this post is about her also.

The day was established to help dispel the myths & prejudices that have surrounded black cats throughout the centuries. They have been viewed as witches familiars, good luck omens, bad luck omens and more.

I must admit that there is something mysterious about the black cat. Cats in general are fascinating creatures and I’m thinking that old energy around black cats may contribute to the aura we perceive around them today.

Bella isn’t overly affectionate – to me anyway. She doesn’t seem to like a lot of petting and prefers to rough house instead. She has tendencies more akin to a dog, like playing fetch. She will bring a foil ball on the bed and wait, staring at you until you pick it up and throw it for her. She then races after it and brings it back for another round.

She definitely has no fear and is keen to climb everything and wedge into every nook and cranny to see if she can actually fit. And, she loves chasing the laser around the room. The slight sound it makes when you pick it up is enough for her to start twitching and race off in which ever direction the red dot goes.

I appreciate this black cat.

Ascent 229 – The Solo Leader

LeaderEveryone has the opportunity to be a leader at some point of their journey. Whether as a parent, a coach, a professional, a mentor – some capacity where they have the responsibility of showing others the way or getting something accomplished.

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead in several capacities and I found myself pondering the meaning of leadership and some of it’s nuances.

Stand AloneThere are times when being a leader means you are walking alone, facing opposition and criticism from others. It becomes about staying true to yourself and staying on the path that you know to be right.

It’s not about being stubborn as that is more about defying conventional wisdom and what is actually most optimal to do. It’s about faith, trust and commitment. And being willing to endure the adverse opinions of others.

A key characteristic of a leader, in my opinion, is one who keeps their head when others are losing theirs. Which can add to their resentment as they detest the fact that you can remain cool and focused, not adding to the problem with negative un-serving energy.

When my technical team has a broken program and they’re studying it to identify the issue and get it back in service, being calm & collected will support & expedite that process. Berating them is not conducive to their focus and producing an effective solution.

I have had several experiences where I was not always liked for my approach to things but I was respected. Which is essentially a product of effective leadership.

I choose to stay true to my path and my beliefs. Whether others choose to follow is completely up to them.