Ascent 120 – Not Enough Windows

I love the quote by Abraham-Hicks: “Sometimes you must live in a house with not enough windows to learn that you want a house with more windows.”

For me, this means that every experience of the journey has purpose – even those that don’t make sense or feel unpleasant. Thus, they are either fulfilling you or helping you to awaken to that which will fulfill you.

The opportunity is in how you perceive it and how you respond to it. When you have this awareness, it allows you to be open to the learning and to be in the flow, rather than resisting it and allowing it to disrupt your energy and waste your precious moments that could be worthwhile.

Abraham-Hicks is all about the Law of Attraction. It seems a little paradoxical that, when you are focused on attracting something that you think you want, you receive an experience that you don’t want. It’s actually an essential part of the process as you may not have the clarity on what it is that you truly want, so you get given an opportunity to experience what you don’t want, and ultimately know what you do want. What you truly want.

I believe also that some are not sure of what they want because they’re not fully aware of who they truly are. It’s important therefore to not be too attached to what you think you want because everything can change. Actually – will change.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want anything now or abstain from things until you feel you have fully awakened. It means be present to this moment, be open to your essential self and choose what feels right for you.

Let’s get some more windows.


Ascent 119 – Trusting the Process

I was reminded tonight of how important it is to trust what is going on and what is in motion. I inherently know this yet it’s powerful to be reminded of it.

I’m passionate about empowering others to own their journey and chart a course to that sublime, fulfilling life they desire. As soon as you make that decision and step out, you’re in uncharted territory, opening up to a new you, a new world and a future where the only certain thing is that it will be perfect.

It takes courage to take this step. To be willing to let go of everything that defined who you were and be open to replace it with that which is truly you. Some shifts are rapid and others take some time. Life may seem to get a little rockier initially, causing you to have some doubts about your path. This is where trust comes into play.

Trusting the process is the ability to be content with where you’re at, in this moment, regardless of where you’re at and whether you have clarity of your direction. It is a confidence in the choices you are making and that the right things will come in perfect timing. And, if something doesn’t come, or doesn’t turned out as you anticipated, that there is a reason for that too.

It’s not a form of procrastination. When you have the urge to act – act. If your guidance is leading you to be still – heed it. Any feelings of counter-intuitiveness are simply the gravitational pull of your old being, your prior knowing, striving to keep you rooted in that familiar old reality.

Like most activities in life, this gets better with practice. The more you do it, the more natural it feels, the better choices you make, the brighter life gets and the easier it is for you to trust the process.

You know that you are trusting when you feel peace. If you feel anything else, that is a sign that you’re not truly trusting the process, your journey, etc. And, that is okay. This is uncharted territory – a foreign land that you’re traversing to get to some other space that you’ve never experienced. It’s perfectly natural for some trepidation to pop up. Just don’t let it persist and know that you’re on the right path, you’ll know when to change course and when to rest, when to speed up and when to slow down. You’ll just know. And when you’re comfortable in that space and the overall not-knowing then you’re trusting the process and you’re free to enjoy the best part – now.

Ascent 118 – My Coaching Story

It’s a wonderful feeling when you discover your purpose, your true essence. This happened with me when I discovered the world of coaching.

I had a bit of an awakening in 1991 when my son was born and a couple of other major life events, and found myself on the spiritual path. This caused me to reevaluate several aspects of my life & being and opened me up to discover who I truly was. Part of this was the epiphany that my job was more to do with people and little to do with technology.

In 2002, my wife at the time entered the world of home business as a Direct Sales consultant for a wonderful company out of Dallas. This instantly opened the door to the world of self-improvement and brought the inspirational & motivational icons into our awareness. At the time, I was a relatively happy IT guy, very focused on the corporate world and honing my skills in the technology arena.

When this new world was presented to me, I saw the light. I realized there was more out there and I jumped in with both feet. I enjoyed spending time with my wife and was excited about this new journey of discovery that we were sharing. I started participating in her business and accompanied her to many of her events, shows and trainings.

I was rather surprised to see not many men did the same and even more surprised when the women shared that their partners were unsupportive, negative and often hostile toward their business aspirations. This inspired me to understand this better and to see what could be done to open the men’s eyes to the opportunity they had with their partner, and open the women’s eyes to how their success was all about them and, although it would be nice to have, they didn’t actually need the man’s support to succeed. I wrote a couple of e-books on the topic and was invited to speak at a Direct Selling Women’s Alliance conference on the topic of partner support.

I had found a niche that was very near & dear to people’s hearts and I pursued more speaking and writing opportunities.

I was contemplating a 3rd ebook and I read a great chapter by a coach named Terri Levine in the book The eCode. I loved her message and attempted to contact her to see if she would be interested in collaborating on a book with me. Her website was The Coaching Institute and, as I perused the site, I couldn’t help but read about the world of coaching. My interest was getting piqued. I joined her mailing list and started to receive the coaching emails. Several of them referenced her coach education program and the more I thought about it, the more coaching seemed like the perfect modality to make a true difference with my passion. I scheduled a consultation and, after a 45-minute call with High Voltage Heather, I was invited to join the program.


I couldn’t get enough of the training. I loved the regular group calls, the study, the practice sessions, the buddy connections with fellow coaching students. It really felt like I had found my calling. I was assigned a phenomenal mentor coach who was one of the most gifted, natural coaches I have met. I absolutely loved the experience of embracing my inner coach and allowing the direction of my life to change.

In early 2007, I graduated as a Certified Comprehensive Coach and have been loving the opportunities to make profound changes in people’s lives and support them in achieving the fulfillment that they desire.

A few years later on, I was given the opportunity to give back and share the gift of coaching. I was invited to be a faculty member and mentor coach for the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance Coach Excellence School. It was truly an honor and a great blessing for my coaching journey. One night, I was to lead a webinar for the coaching class and the power was out at my home. I did the call on my cell phone as one of the other faculty members managed the powerpoint slides for me.397847_3084388667147_1331422066_n

A friend once referred to me as a coach’s coach. Now, that’s an honor.

Simply, I love coaching. It is who I am and what I am about. I love contributing to the happiness, peace and fulfillment on the planet and in return, I get to experience more of the same in my life.

Coach … out

Ascent 117 – First Allergy Test

Here I am at 54 years of age and I have never had an allergy test. Which, primarily sounds like a good thing as I haven’t been plagued with allergies.

I had a bit of a persistent cough a couple of weeks back and ultimately went to see my doctor, who prescribed a spray and a daytime decongestant. As my health coach Ling pointed out, the reason for the cough wasn’t actually identified. She asked if I had ever had an allergy test and, when I said I had not, she highly recommended I have one to see if there is anything seasonal or otherwise that I’m reacting to.

I’m keen to do anything that is going to move me forward energetically, so I made an appointment to get it done.

I arrived a little early and was given the usual paperwork to complete. In this day & age of computerized information, I’m surprised they can’t download any pertinent information. I didn’t have to wait too long before they called my name. As I stepped through the door, the nurse asked me to wait as she called a lady to come along too. She looked at me as she joined me in the aisle and I asked “are you going in there with me?” She laughed and said “do you need someone to hold your hand?” One must have fun wherever one is, right?

After the customary vitals, my arms were marked up with a Sharpie and panels of test substances were applied. While I’m waiting my phone buzzes with a voice mail. It was the doctor’s office I was at calling to remind me I had at an appointment. The call went quiet as she was about to say the time, as she probably realized it was past it, and I was already there. Few minutes later, the timer goes off and the doctor comes in to see if any of the tests had produced anything. Nada.

So, they take it to the next level and pull out an array of syringes. The nurse looked at the tattoo on my left shoulder and asked if I had one on the right also. As I didn’t, she switched sides. Apparently,the tattoo messes up the markings they use. Nice to know.

I lost count of how many jabs she applied and, thankfully, it wasn’t too bad. The timer was set again and I was left alone to hang out while the tests worked.

The timer goes off, doctor & nurse return to the room, and the second round is reviewed. Nothing. I’m not allergic to anything. Well, nothing that was in their test arsenal, anyways.

I confess that I did briefly ponder what I would do if they said I were allergic to coffee.

It was indeed comforting to know that I don’t suffer from allergies. I know many who do and I know it’s not a fun space to be in. I’m committed to continuing to improve my health & vitality to ensure I am able to enjoy each moment to the max.

Ascent 116 -Journey to Vitality

2015-12-24 02.42.44I’ve been focused on improving my health & wellness for a while. When my friend & fellow coach, Ling So, invited me to her health coaching, I jumped at the chance. I have known Ling for several years and have been impressed with the information, energy and perspective that she shares.

She is very thorough and starts by taking time to understand me, my current health state and where I want to be. She also ensures she knows what I like, don’t like and have issues with. I love my coffee and she ensured that it would work with the program she creates for me.

I’m a busy professional in a company in the NYC area, where there is a lot of stress, excessive commute time and limited time & energy for things outside of work. My primary intention of working with Ling was to increase my energy, vitality & endurance. I needed to lean up some and lose a little weight albeit that was not my primary focus starting out.

Ling ensured that I was willing to commit to the process and that I was going to implement the strategies that she shared with me. Having more energy is vital for me, and I made that commitment.

Ling adds delicious healthy foods to my diet. No starvation, no deprivation. She suggests organic gluten free and dairy free frozen pizza that I can buy to heat up in oven. You all know how much I like pizza!!! NY is the capital of pizza! 🙂

Snacking is one of my downfalls as I LOVE crunchy, salty snacks – especially the spicy ones like Jalapeno potato chips. Ling provided alternatives to me in this arena also which allowed me to satisfy my occasional cravings (Which actually happened less after the other changes) with healthy alternatives.

As we’re friends on Facebook, and she reads my blog, she knows that I eat out quite often – and she also knows the kinds of foods that I would get. Ling offered great insights and options to allow the eating out to continue but to maintain certain boundaries to ensure the progress was maintained.

One of the more significant dietary changes for me was the direction to eat an avacado a day. Not a big deal for most – I don’t like avocados. Well, I didn’t. Thankfully, when I get something is beneficial to me, I can override my dislikes and give it a shot, knowing the payoff will come in the result. And, I’m actually starting to enjoy avocados today. I eat salads a lot more regularly and Ling provides a wealth of information and options to keep it interesting & satisfying. I used to eat lots of canned veggies. Ling encourages me to eat more fresh leafy greens which give me more phytochemicals, phytonutrients. Lings also suggest me how to shop nutritious foods for home & eating out inexpensively! Ling help me to gain more energy, strength & vitality by eating real foods, no medicine, no supplements! All natural! She took extensive training in identifying what high quality supplements you need. She wants me to experience this “Eat Real Food Lifestyle” first. 

Ling guided me in adding a few simple & quick exercises to my day and secured my commitment to doing them – which I did.

My initial concern was that I wouldn’t have the time for it, or that organic everything would be too expensive. I was wrong on both counts. Ling has options for those also and has ways to make it all work for what ever the lifestyle & schedule permits. Her program can be adjusted to provide maximum benefits for any budget. If you have the willingness, Ling has a way.

My intentions were recognized: I do indeed have more energy & vitality. I’m more alert at work and have more energy afterward for other things that matter to me. I find myself not having those afternoon slumps that come from eating a dense, un-nutritious meal and I’m also sleeping better. Although weight loss was not a core requirement for me in this round, my belt is looser and my weight is down 5 pounds. Summer is a couple of months away and I have made the intention to not buy any new clothes until I’m ready to go down a pant size. Which is not too far away now, thanks to the insights, expertise and coaching greatness of Ling So.

Ling’s passion is supporting us in achieving the maximum level of health, vitality & fitness that is possible, so we can enjoy our life journey to the absolute maximum. I am deeply grateful that I have her alongside in my health & fitness quest, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to make profound, long-lasting changes in their health and wellness.

To connect with Ling: Email at or send a friend request at Facebook.

Like her Facebook [age and check out her website


Ascent 115 – Fitness R Us Wellness, Healing & Psychic Fair

2016-04-24 16.21.23My friend, Joanne Barry, invited us to attend the event at her facility today. Joanne is the owner & trainer at Fitness R Us in Flushing, NY. In addition she does Reiki, card readings, meditations and more.

I love attending events like this as it’s a congregation of like-minded spirits and great energy.

We arrived around 3pm, and the event was well underway. There was a wave of good energy that hit you as you walked in, and I was excited to see who all was here. Joanne was in the middle of a reading, so I didn’t say hi to her straight away.

There were 2 or 3 vendors set up stairs. I chatted with for a while with a lady by the name of Susana who was representing DoTerra essential oils. It was an interesting conversation and I took some literature for later reference.

The lower part of the studio had 6 or 7 more vendors offering Feng Shui, Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Reflexology, Energy Work, and more. Our friend Nicole Adamonis was present also offering her Angel Card readings & Reiki. Nicole is a fellow yoga teacher, an aesthetician and always a great energy to interact with.

I met an interesting young lady who is also involved with the essential oils and also many other forms of healing, coaching and energy work. She was not a vendor at the event and was just attending and lending support. I look forward to learning more about her work at a later date. Definitely a worthwhile connection.

Sue and I participated in the raffle and look forward to learning if we won a session with any of the great folks at the event.

I did get to catch up with Joanne and chatted with her for a little bit. As she was in the middle of coordinating an event, she couldn’t stand still for long. Joanne hosts a variety of energy events in her studio including yoga, reiki, Full Moon & New Moon meditations, Queens Psychic Club monthly meetings and more.

I’m a firm believer that you can’t have too many great people in your circle. I love events like this where we get to connect with a few more.

Ascent 114 – First Zumba Class

Finally, after 3 or 4 weeks of missing the class, I achieved one of the firsts on my list – a Zumba Class.

My first few attempts didn’t pan out due to class being canceled, my being sick and other circumstances outside my control.

The class was at 10:00am at NNOWW Fitness on Northern Blvd, Little Neck, NY. There were 3 ladies joining me for the class, led by the instructor, Lisette.

2016-04-23 11.03.16

With instructor Lisette after the class

She is a wonderful instructor, giving plenty verbal guidance and visual cues when a change in move or direction was needed, which helped keep the flow going, and the right way.

The music was an eclectic variety of Latin beats and hip-hop tracks. The energy was kept high with occasional brief pauses to catch breath and take a sip of water.

I felt I kept up with the class pretty well. Being my first time and learning the steps & moves, I did get a little out of sync a few times albeit got back in the flow pretty quickly. There was one movement where there were stepping and doing an upper body shimmy. I was rather amused at this one as I didn’t have anything to shake. A couple of the ladies were smirking at my attempt to do what they were doing.

The class got my heart rate up and had me sweating from the mid-point. When it was over, I felt energized & invigorated. I have a feeling this first may become a regular part of my routine.