Ascent 299 – Living the 300% Life

Ascent 299 – Living the 300% Life

When I heard about the 300% Life UnConference being held by Monica Day in Manhattan, I was interested. I’ve been following Monica on FaceBook for a while and totally love her openness and authenticity. And, here she is hosting an event in my town where she shares these gifts with us.

I took advantage of this opportunity and found myself getting more and more excited as time came for it to begin.

dsc_0804The event was hosted at the Gene Frankel theater on Bond St. in the Soho district of Manhattan. The opening reception was 6:00pm to 9:00pm and the 3 active event days were 10:00am to 9:00pm. Initially, this felt like it was a little intense, especially as I needed drive to the train station, take the Long Island railroad into Penn Station then hoof it a few blocks to get the F train down to the event.

The excitement superseded everything else and the adrenaline of a new adventure was intoxicating.

Interestingly, I don’t go into Manhattan that often. My preference is actually to go east on Long Island and experience the beaches and the countryside.

The city is always an amazing paradox to me. Walking 34th St. or 5th Avenue, on one side you see exclusive stores and high end hotels, while on the other you see people sleeping on the sidewalk, covered with a dirty blanket and a small bag with all their possessions.

It is the most interesting people environment to experience. So much diversity, yet so much similarity. The stations are always teeming with noise, from the chatter of the people and the musicians performing to make some money.

I like to be a little early for everything I do to enjoy the experience of getting there, have time for a coffee and to get settled in to the space before the festivities began.

Bond street is a wonderful piece of the city’s history and is a cobbled street. The theater is one of many small intimate theaters in the city and has a wonderful ambiance and energy to it.

I was one of the first participants to arrive and got my formalities taken care of. Some hors d’oeuvres were set up, including some delicious sausage rolls.

Other participants began to arrive and we commenced connecting, getting to know each other, sharing how we know Monica and our excitement for this event.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door to the hall opened, and we were invited to take our seats. As I had volunteered to photograph the event, I opted for a seat off to the side where I could move and take pictures without disturbing the presenter or imposing on the audience.



The room was almost full as Monica came out and took her seat on stage, welcoming us to the event and preparing us for what was to come. The first evening was an open reception and the the following 3 days were just for those who had signed up.

She had 4 wonderful presenters lined up, who shared their stories of pain, pleasure, self discovery and awareness. It was a wonderful evening of varying emotions and a great lead in to what was in store over the next 3 days.

Each of the following days was an amazing emotional and energetic experience as Monica led us in getting out of our heads and into our bodies. She shared personal stories, invited us to share ours, led us in movement and dance, performed various exercises of eclectic meanings, including tactile and kinesthetic, to open us up to the awareness, sensations and feelings of the body.

She taught us that the body is the repository of our truth and is our sacred transport. As such, we must honor it and heed it when it is trying get our attention.

I’ve been on this path for a long time and consider myself to be pretty enlightened & centered. Monica cracked me open and revealed to me an awareness that I simply didn’t have previously. To say I was amazed would be an understatement.

A significant lesson for me was on finding my edge. How much do we play safe and stay away from that edge of our awareness, that space where we can experience ultimate sensation and fulfillment?

I was truly awed at that I was introduced to and opened up to. There is so much more that I could share albeit I invite you to get to know Monica Day and experience it from her yourself. Monica’s website is

I’m so excited to see what unfolds as I move forward in my commitment to live a 300% Life. I’ll see you at the top.


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