Ascent 31 – First Video Blog


First today is to use video for my blog. My first month of Daily First blogging is completed. I must admit I’m totally loving this journey.

And, here’s the video – Enjoy


Ascent 30 – The Facebook Purge

My first today was an intentional purging of my Facebook associations. I love this community and have made many amazing friendships there. I receive daily inspiration and share energy with like-minded spirits globally.


I have no time for those that post anything I consider bigoted, negative or hostile. That doesn’t mean I don’t allow people to share their opinions, just the manner in which they do so. And, there are those who add me to pages/groups without asking and invite me to play games …

As Facebook tends to limit the quantity of items that make it to the newsfeed, eliminating the unnecessary will create more space for what matters.

As my journey progresses, I am evolving and thus my interests are too. There are several groups and pages I’m a member of that no longer feel congruent with who I am or the direction I’m traveling. Sooo … it’s time to lovingly release them and make space for those that are more in alignment to become known to me.

This is the first time since I joined that I reviewed all the affiliations and unsubscribed en masse. And, it is a rather freeing feeling.

Ascent 29 – Tai Chi Experience

For my first today, I was inspired to try some Tai Chi. I’ve long been a fan of the martial arts, especially the Chinese styles of Kung Fu. Tai Chi has long appealed due to it’s slow rhythmic movements, grace and poise. Not to be misunderstood, it is still a martial art and those moves practiced slowly can be performed with speed & power to deter an assailant.

I have never actually practiced Tai Chi, so I did a quick search on Amazon Prime, found Tai Chi Fundamentals for Beginners, moved the coffee table out of the way, put some incense on and prepared for my first lesson.

tai chi

The video features Tai Chi Master Jesse Tsao and starts with some footage of him practicing various forms – sequences of moves. Some involved weapons and most were empty hand.

I didn’t try to keep up with these sequences, instead opting to observe and wait for the tuition portion to begin. It started with the extreme basics – how to stand properly, how to maintain alignment as you turn and then basic moves for the hands. I loved how palms-in moves brought universal energy in and palms-out moves released un-serving energy from the body.

I followed along and practiced a few sequences that were simple moves of bringing the hands up, keeping them in alignment with the chest while rotating the torso and shifting the weight from one foot to the other as the rotation completed. The move was then repeated, which created a pleasing rhythmic motion that felt extremely natural. Remembering to breathe during the cycle is crucial.

I did just a brief practice albeit did feel energetic flow. I look forward to practicing Tai Chi again soon.

tai chi pose

Ascent 28 – Fun At Work Day

I always strive to have fun at everything I do – including work. Yet today was the first time I have acknowledged National Fun At Work Day. If it’s National, it’s basically our duty to ensure the jocularity is of acceptable proportions, right?

Folks often find amusement at how often they see me making coffee. And, that’s okay – we can’t all be perfect. My go-to coffee receptacle in the office is the beloved Pier One Smiley Mug. Folks see that and they always smile. How could they not?

Smily Mug

I do have a sense of humor that many in the office just don’t comprehend or appreciate. Yet that doesn’t deter me. I admit I am quite-self amused at times. Thankfully, there are several in the office who do share my passion for enjoying time spent and the back and forth is quite amusing.

Today, I strode into the Export Manager’s office, stood on the spare chair in front of his desk and told him the way it is. When he stopped laughing, he ordered me out of the office. Hey, he’s lucky I didn’t have to go to the bathroom. He does call me some Spanish phrases that he promises are terms of endearment …


Of course, it’s not all fun and games and we have to do the best we can and take care of whatever is in the moment. And then find the fun and games.

Bottom line for me is that work is part of life. I choose to enjoy life and thus I choose to enjoy all facets of it. So there.

Ascent 27 – Theory of Relativity

For my first today, I contemplated on of physic’s greatest formulae: E = mc2


I confess, I am a bit of a science geek and love the works of Einstein, Hawking and my ancestor – Newton. While fascinated with science, physics, quantum mechanics, etc., it dawned on me that I had never actually looked into what the theory of relativity was about.

Sooo …. the equation itself defines Einstein’s theory of special relativity that shows that the increased relativistic mass (m) of a body comes from the energy of motion of the body – that is, it’s kinetic energy (E) – divied by the speed of light squared (c2). This equation expresses the fact that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other. (Source: Encyclopedia Britannica)

Do you feel as enlighted as I do? Of course the fun comes in with actually proving the theory. Which Einstein was adept at and I’m completely comfortable with saying I wouldn’t know where to start.

It is interesting indeed to note that we can have a long standing interest in something yet not have specific knowledge of it. Sounds like a facet of relativity to me.


Ascent 26 – A Flat Experience

My new Rogue stepped in to assist with my first today by giving me a flat tire. Of course, it’s not my first flat tire ever. It is however, my first flat in this car, my first flat in New York City and my first flat of 2016. Hopefully the only ones albeit will just have to take it as it comes, right?

All started out perfectly. I got in the car with my coffee and protein shake, put May It Be on, and backed out of the garage. Hooked up the other electronics I may need on the trip, selected the replay of last night’s monthly group coaching call, put sunglasses on and headed for the highway.

There was a light thumping from the front tire – like when you have a flat. My car has this cool display that shows all tire pressures.

Rogue Pressure

As left front was a little low, I guessed that I had picked up a nail or screw and that was causing the noise. I opted to keep driving and keep an eye on the pressure. Nothing changed on the 26 mile drive to NJ. All was good.

A friend called a little later and asked for pick up from bus stop. Within 40 yards, the remaining pressure went and it was flat. Picked him up, went around the corner to the gas station to air up and made it back to the office. Thankfully didn’t happen on the expressway or in middle of nowhere.

Lunchtime was my opportunity to do my Indycar pit crew impression. Finding the jack and spare in a modern car is interesting. Getting them out of their insanely compact cubby holes is something else.


Loosened the lug nuts before jacking and applied parking brake. Then commenced the extremely slow process of engaging the scissors jack and getting to where I could remove the tire. We have all this awesome technology. Why can’t they devise a jack that does the job in a few turns?

Compact spare was on, everything tightened up and more of life expended on lowering the beloved jack. As I was going to need everything again, it was unceremoniously tossed in the back until the flat is fixed and proper order is restored to the Universe.

Overall, was a pretty amazing day. Can’t let something as trivial as a flat dampen these spirits.

Ascent 25 – Shifting Affirmations

A brief post tonight on an interesting first – changing my affirmations. Like many on this spiritual journey, I know that mindset is crucial. And, that what we visualize, we realize.

And, all too often, many find themselves repeating the same affirmations ad infinitum, with nothing seeming to manifest. It was recently brought to my attention that the focus of the affirmation is crucial.

If there is something that you want, and you create affirmations around wanting it, you’re actually affirming that you don’t have it. And, guess what happens? You manifest more of not having it.

So, a simple shift is in order. To move from I Want to I Have. Thus, my first today, was consistently holding an ‘I Am’ space. The shift in the energy was amazing.

There is, or course, a bit more to it.