Ascent 151 – Memorial Day Musings

ColorsI’ve been in a bit of a pensive energy today. Not a bad space, just more of a contemplative one, where I was in my own space and not engaging with others. Sometimes we all just need a bit of time to go within and connect with what matters there.

Having grown up in a military family – my father and two brothers had extensive careers in the Royal Air Force – I have a great respect & admiration for those who stand on the front lines to maintain peace and protect freedom. And even more so for those who made that supreme sacrifice.

Memorial Day is all about honoring & remembering those whose lives were lost in the line of duty. Everyone of us would prefer to have peace instead of way yet what world would we have if the Allies had not banded together to stop the thread of evil? I pray that we may never experience that level of global conflict again albeit know that some response capability is necessary to ensure it doesn’t.

Here in the USA, Memorial Day kicks of summer with family gatherings, BBQs, beach parties and more. All wonderful implementations of the freedoms & liberties that this country is all about. I’m more than happy to participate in such events – after I acknowledge those who made it possible for me to do so. And my heart is with those who are unable to be with their families to share in the festivities, as they are deployed overseas, standing ready to ensure the freedom is able to continue.

I’m eternally grateful for all who served & sacrificed, and those serving today. I choose to celebrate and make the absolute most of it as I can think of no greater way to show my gratitude.


Ascent 150 – Birthday Celebration With Michele & Rob

After a leisurely breakfast at the Pirates Den and a little more laying out on the beach, it was time to get cleaned up and say goodbye to Brigantine as we headed north to join our friends Michele & Rob at their joint birthday celebration.

It’s actually Michele’s birthday today and they decided to double it up and celebrate Rob’s 50th, which is in early June.

I have known Michele for about 10 years and had the honor of holding the coaching space for her a few years ago. As time went on, I got to know her husband and to learn about their 2 daughters, Morgan & Mary. Michele has been an inspiration for me as she overcame several obstacles in her life, choosing to make the most of it and enjoy her family to the maximum.

I actually met Michele & Rob for the first time in person in August 2012 as I flew in to Newark to attend an event Sue had invited me to. They actually drove 2 hours to get me, then about the same to get me to the event!

Traffic was pretty good out of Atlantic City and it was a breeze getting up to Forked River. We found Captain’s Inn and went inside to join our friends.

We walked in and were standing in the middle of the dance floor looking around to find our friends. A lady spoke to us and we turned around and looked at her. She continued speaking for a few seconds then her eyes opened wide as she realized it was us. I actually didn’t recognize Michele initially. A couple of welcome hugs later, we were invited to join her table and participate in the awesome Italian buffet that was in progress.


We enjoyed the food and the company. Sharing stories back and forth on our journey over the last 10 years or so, what we experienced, how far we’ve come and what we’re excited about.

It was a honor to meet Mary & Morgan for the first time also. 2 very pleasant young ladies that their parents can be (and are) proud of.

It was a wonderful group of people gathered to help Michele & Rob celebrate, most of whom we did not know. Several of them stopped by to introduce themselves and to chat.

A band performed a couple of sets of various rock songs and were actually very good.

The time came to do the honors with the cake and Michele took the microphone to lead us in singing happy birthday to Rob. I was quite happy that they began serving coffee with the cake and we continued to enjoy more of this great company.


Finally, we needed to say goodbye and get on the road back to NYC. Another round of hugs and the festivities concluded. A wonderful time with great people and an awesome reminder that there is no greater gift on this journey than great friends and family.


Ascent 149 – Brigantine Beach 

It’s finally summer type weather and it seemed like the perfect time to get out of the city. 

My friend Michele was having a dual birthday party with her husband and invited us. 

Perfect opportunity to find a beach, a b&b and celebrate with our friends.

I consulted Airbnb and found a great house in Brigantine Beach, near Atlantic City, operated by Melissa.

After a few errands we were on the road. It took forever to get out of NYC and Newark area, after which the ride was quite pleasant. 

We passed through Atlantic City to get to the bridge and I was amazed how much it looked like Vegas. 

We arrived at the house and after a brief tour headed for the beach that was 2 blocks away.

And it was awesome! So needed just chill and soak up some rays. 

It was getting to be dinner time, so we headed back, got cleaned up and chose Cellar 32 for our meal. 

We spent a little time driving around then returned to the house to enjoy tea on the veranda before turning in.

I’m so happy it’s beach season and will be hitting a few more new ones. If I return to Brigantine, I hope Melissa’s house is available.

Ascent 148 – The Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful WarriorI’m a huge fan of the Peaceful Warrior movie by Dan Millman. Inspired by true events, it depicts the awakening of a young Berkley gymnast – Dan Millman – and takes you along for the ride as he opens up to a new way a being by the mysterious Socrates, played brilliantly by Nick Nolte.

Dan seems to have it all, yet can’t sleep. He keeps having alarming dreams that wake him up in a cold sweat. One night, in the early hours, he arrives at an all night service station where Nick Nolte is working.

Dan witnesses some strange events with this man and is intrigued to learn more. He begins to show up more regularly to meet with this new mentor who he dubbed ‘Socrates’.

PWQ2Dan is young, cocky, gifted and full of himself. He starts to get his awareness shifted with the perspectives offered by Socrates. After a motorcycle accident that shattered his leg and abruptly ended his dream of achieving Olympic gold in gymnastics, Dan must come to terms with a new path.

He reconnects with Socrates and continues to learn from him. Socrates tells Dan to continue training as a gymnast, which shocks Dan initially. He relents and gets back on the rings, working toward his former level with an eye on competing again.

PWQ3I loved the overall story line and the quiet, powerful character Nick Nolte portrays. Young Dan is fascinating also as he shakes off his old persona and emerges as a truly powerful awakened spirit. It’s an engaging movie with frequent humor and many memorable quotes. I enjoy viewing it fairly regularly and always get something new out of it.



Journeying as a Peaceful Warrior feels like wonderful ride to me.




Ascent 147 – The Rogue Faux Pas

Tonight, I was driving home from New Jersey, crossing the George Washington Bridge as I had done a couple of hundred times before. I was chatting with a coach buddy on hands free, traffic slowed and I did the same, of course, then coming to a standstill.

I saw something moving fast toward me in the rear view mirror, realized the car wasn’t slowing down and managed to utter a non-coachlike phrase before the car hit me. The impact snapped my head back into the headrest and then pushed me into the car in front of me. And then into the car in front of it.

It was a surreal moment. Did that really happen? Did I just injure my neck. I didn’t want to move initially. After what seemed like several minutes, I put the car in park and stepped out to make sure everyone was okay.

Thankfully, everyone was. The car that hit me sustained the most damage. My car was banged in the front and read and was undriveable. The other two had minor bumps and were able to drive.

NYPD showed up and gave us a protective space while they took care of their formalities. They were extremely efficient and has us sorted out in next to no time.

My insurance company was lining up a tow for me and told me that they couldn’t get me off the bridge – the port authority had to do that – and I would get charged for it. My car was put on a flat bed and after a short ride, dropped me off on Amsterdam avenue in an interesting neighborhood.

My real tow showed up shortly thereafter and took me to their storage place at 126th st and 1st avenue in Manhattan. I had been intending to get into the city more albeit this wasn’t what I intended.

Sue showed up and retrieved me and we headed back to Queens. I had a post-accident craving for french fries, so we hit our favorite Greek place and accommodated that.

Thankfully, I’m okay and the insurance will cover the damages. Life is good.

Ascent 146 – Going Deeper with WordPress

WordpressI’ve been blogging with WordPress for 146 consecutive days and I love the platform. It’s simple and intuitive to use and has several great features built into it. When I write, I prefer to compose in my word editor program first, save it there then review & tweak before I post. Reason for this is that every software program will do something funky at some point, and I don’t like to lose content.

Locate some pictures to accentuate the text, upload and publish, and your done. It’s cool to check the stats periodically and see how many views & visitors, and where on the globe they are located.

When I learned that there is more to WordPress than just a blogging platform, I was keen to learn more. Turns out it’s a full-fledged website engine with some pretty awesome functionality available and a variety of themes and plug-ins to explore.

I switched my web domains over to a Managed WordPress site at 1 & 1 and am getting acquainted with the capabilities of hosted WordPress. Design is critical to the effective deployment of any website, and I’m evaluating the functionality I want my initial launch to provide, the content of the pages, navigation and which external components such as email autoresponder to incorporate. I choose to consider scalability and potential volume. If you go with an autoresponder that only allows 1000 email addresses, you’ve instantly limited yourself. Yes you can switch albeit that is a pain as folks on your list would need opt in again, and you may lose some subscribers.

It doesn’t mean we have to get a PhD in Cybernetics. It means just consider that Covey principle – begin with the end in mind. It will of course change and you will make the best choices for what you currently envision.

I’m a recovering IT guy and I do love techie stuff and playing with code, yet don’t want a full time job with it. I’ll be looking for the tips, tricks and short cuts to deploying the most effective site with the minimal necessary effort. I acquired on of the Dummies guides to support me in this first step. I’m not a big fan of the title albeit their content is very effective.

Time to get creative.

Ascent 145 – Stubborn – moi?

Interesting awareness came up for me today. I consider myself pretty enlightened, aware of stuff and fully in the moment.
2016-05-23 14.11.11A friend asked me what the Louise Hay Heal Your Body app had to say about necks, so I shared it. As I read it, I felt a vibe. I have a kink in my neck that I see a chiro for once a month.

I read through the energetic cause of neck problems and one word stood out for me – stubbornness. My instant reaction was that I’m not stubborn. Which was an indicator this was worth exploring further.

Being stubborn is locking into a particular way of thinking, a mindset, an expectation. It’s difficult to discern at times as it feels so right. There’s nothing wrong with being committed to your path – just don’t be too attached to it and be open to alternatives presenting themselves.

2016-05-24 21.05.43

2016-05-24 21.23.02

My stubborn face

I checked in on whether I had stubbornness in my space by using my favorite truth testing method – pendulum. And I got that I indeed did. The beauty of things like this is that, once you’re aware of the opportunity, you’re positioned to clear it. Which I instantly did using one of the awesome clearing techniques I have learned.

I checked in again and got that the stubbornness has indeed been cleared, which frees me up energetically for my journey to continue to unfold in the most optimal way.

One of the antonyms of stubborn is surrender. I can’t think of a better way than that to allow what is meant to flow as it should.