Ascent 223 – Dollar Shave Club

ShaveI’ve been seeing ads for Dollar Shave Club for a while now. It sounded like an interesting model: Razor blades on a monthly subscription basis. I’ve been using the Gillette Mach III system for a decade or so and it has worked really well.

This journey has introduced me to some interesting firsts, so a change in this arena felt optimal.

GrizzlyI had a few interesting choices. I could go for the Grizzly Adams look. Which doesn’t appeal to me as I’m not really the mountain man type. Plus, I have some grey going on so it looks like I have permanent shave foam on my chin when I get a little growth. Not a good look.

CrocDundeeThen there is the Crocodile Dundee method of shaving with a gargantuan bush knife. Indubitably macho albeit my testosterone is at an acceptable level, thank you very much. I did love the scene in the movie where he’s standing there shaving with a safety razor and when the lady appeared, promptly put his machete up to his cheek in order to appear macho.

DollarShaveAs I kept seeing ads for the Dollar Shave Club, the concept started to grow on me. (Is that the inverse of a pun?). The price point was pretty nominal with the first order free. I’ve probably contributed to at least one Gillette mansion over the years and decided it was time to put my money with some innovators. I like also that the product comes in a cardboard box, not the military-grade plastic case that would probably survive an earthquake that the other products are encased in.

A good shave, equipment delivered to my door monthly, low price and helping save the environment.

How’s that for a smooth deal?


One thought on “Ascent 223 – Dollar Shave Club

  1. I love all these adventures. I believe I’ll pass on this one. I buy a three-blade pack of ten at Walmart for a reasonable price. It seems to work great. But I do get vitamins delivered to me monthly because the garbage I’d been foolishly spending my money on was just not doing anything for me. I’ve since learned that over-the-counter and even vitamin shop vitamins just aren’t formulated well.


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