Ascent 222 – National Book Lovers Day

BookLoverMy first for today is to acknowledge and celebrate National Book Lovers Day. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child, much preferring to be curled up inside with a good book than running around outside. In my early years, I loved books about magic, mysticism, folk lore and science fiction.

I still love to settle down with an interesting tome and let the words carry me off to some exotic place or alternate reality. I’ve been torn between physical book & Kindle for a while now. I love the convenience of the e-reader albeit nothing can beat the actual feel of a book.

It has been a long time since I read any fiction as I’ve been focused more on the enlightenment and empowerment stuff. I intend to rectify that and will look for some fresh authors to enjoy.

I still enjoy having a quantity of books around me. There’s just something about the energy that a bookshelf brings to a room. I’ve pared my collection down substantially over the last few years, retaining the books that really appeal to me and those I’ve yet to read.

There are some that literally changed my life when I read them and I felt that releasing them could do the same for someone else. Why should I keep such a gift all to myself?

2016-02-02 19.51.16One of my favorite pastimes is to go to Barnes and Noble on a weekend day, grab a large cup of dark roast and meander the aisles, perusing the titles that get my attention. Often times, I don’t actually buy anything, I just love the energy of the bookstore. I hope that they maintain a coexistence with the digital books, at going to an e-reader store just doesn’t have the same romance to me.

I love being a book lover and intend to remain so.


2 thoughts on “Ascent 222 – National Book Lovers Day

  1. I could’ve written this almost word for word. Freaking fantastic and eerie. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble was a huge disappointment as an employer. I was never even compensated for my vacation time when I left the company even though I met the company’s conditions to be able to collect that.

    They have not handled the advent of the e-reader and the technology-heavy society we live in well at all. But now that I don’t work for them, I’m rediscovering the romance.


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