Ascent 302 – Good Girls Revolt


While attending an event in Manhattan in October, I saw a billboard with a picture of 3 women and the provocative title Good Girls Revolt. Apparently it was an Amazon series that was going to debut at the end of October.

I didn’t think anything more of it until I saw the series available on Amazon Prime. I watched the trailer and was instantly engaged.

The show is set in a newsroom in New York City in 1969. An interesting period of time with the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Civil Rights movement, Black Panthers and more.

In the newsroom, it’s a male-oriented environment, with men leading the editorial and reporting staff and women were relegated to being coffee fetchers and researchers, not getting any editorial credit for their contributions to the publication.

It will get an emotional response as you see the treatment these women were subjected to. In the homespace also, as women were expected to settle into servitude to their husbands.

Patti is a young idealistic woman who is observing all this injustice and decides to take a stand against it. She wants to be recognized for the work that she does and acknowledged for the powerful creative woman she is. And, rightly so.

She reaches out to a couple of other ladies who become her cohorts in drumming up support & collaboration amongst the female staff to take a stand against their employer for their basic rights.

I’m 3 episodes into the series and am captivated with how this story is unfolding. It is a masterful blend of drama, human rights, equality, comedy and sexuality. The latter is tastefully done and woven into the story to add context and value to it, not just for gratuitous content.

I’m excited to see how this story unfolds and will be rooting for the Good Girls.


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