Ascent 287 – Connecting with Silvia

2016-10-18-19-28-30One of the reasons I love Facebook is the ability to make connections with amazing people. I met Silvia a little while back in the Spiritual Freedom group and was instantly impressed with her energy and message.

Silvia’s coaching serves mothers through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Which is a rather wonderful niche as I don’t hear of many who coach in that arena.

She is very active on Facebook, doing Live videos regularly and posting empowering content. I’ve listened to several of her sessions and, although I’m not the target audience, I greatly enjoyed her energy and her presentation style.

Silvia lives in Italy and we got the opportunity to connect for the first time on Zoom and have a video chat. Another kudo for the current technology. We shared about our respective mission & coaching and have some similarity in purpose. I look forward to collaborating with Silvia in the not too distant future.

Please connect with her on Facebook if you would like to learn more about what she does.


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