Ascent 296 – Joanne and Lisa Meet

One of the greatest blessings for me on my journey is sharing it with amazing people. I’m truly blessed to have so many wonderful spirits who share energy with me.

I’m loving the events being hosted by my friend Naini Nakagawa. Friday, I attended a great session in Manhattan. Monday, was a networking lunch at the Asian Terrace in Bayside, NY – a short drive from where I live in Queens.

It’s always exciting to connect with new like-minded people with a vision of shared success. Two of my great friends in this area – Lisa Mondello and Joanne Barry shared that they were going to be in attendance at the luncheon. This was good news to me as I respect & admire both of them, and always enjoy being in their company. They had not actually met each other before, so this was going to be a first for them also.

Lisa and I pulled in at the same time and made our way to the restaurant. We were greeted by Naini and got to meet a couple of the other early birds, and get a head start on our networking.

We took our seats at the end of the table and began perusing the menu, to get that out of the way and resume interacting.

And then, Joanne arrived and she met Lisa for the first time. It was wonderful seeing how excited they were to make this connection and to learn more about what each other does.


Joanne hosts regular events at her Fitness R Us studio in Flushing and it will be a perfect venue for some of the projects we’re all working on.

When great people come together with shared vision and purpose, the world gets changed.


Ascent 295 – Kosher Sex

kosher-sexWhile perusing the cornucopia of viewing content that is Amazon Prime, we came across a rather interesting sounding title – Kosher Sex. (Hey, this IS NYC!)

It was a 60 minute discussion by Shmuley Boteach – author of the book by the same name. It was a humorous, enlightening exploration of the breakdown of sexuality – especially in long term marriages – and what can be done about it.

He often referenced traditional Jewish teachings and concepts and brought them into relevance with our 21st century society and philosophies. I’m not giving any spoilers – some of the wisdom was actually quite profound and had significance today.

I loved how he effortlessly addressed concepts that many would consider taboo and broke them down into meaningful entities. With a prevailing thread of humor that ensured the audience was kept engaged and entertained by his presentation.

I didn’t agree with everything in the presentation as I believe there are a few more energy dynamics that influence a truly passionate intimate relationship. But, I must give benefit of the doubt as there was no way he could have covered all the bases in just 60 minutes.

I’m now extremely interested to acquire the book to see what other insights Rabbi Boteach has to share.


Ascent 294 – Happy Birthday Mum

Today, it’s my Mum’s birthday. As I’m writing ths post, I’m looking at her picture on my desk. The one where she has her beautiful smile and a mischievous look in her eyes.

She went home in early 2000 after a brief illness. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 16 years since that happened. I feel her energy with me daily.

She was a truly wonderful mother. How she raised 4 kids in the constantly transitioning world of the military and kept her sanity, I’ll never know. There were several extended periods where she was solo as my Dad was deployed to volatile areas where she had the additional worry every military spouse does, of whether he would come home okay. Thankfully, he did.


I have many fond memories of my childhood. Our Mum was always there for us, often putting our needs ahead of hers. She was a gifted seamstress and was adept at knitting and crochet, making many of our clothes.

One of my favorite memories was giving her a ride home from bingo one night on my motorcycle. It was about a half mile from the house on the base. Initially, I walked with her, pushing my bike. After a short distance, I gave her my helmet, told her to put it on and started the bike. She got on behind me, clinging on for dear life. I rode slowly and the whole way, she kept saying “Don’t tell your father!”

One of my favorite pictures of her is where she is standing with my father and his mother, Dad in his parade uniform, Mum and Gramma in their finery. Dad is holding the MBE he just received from Queen Elizabeth.

When she passed, I had no unfinished business and nothing unsaid. The only thing I would do different if I could get a do-over, is go home to England more often.

Happy birthday, Mum. I love you.

Ascent 293 – Cancer Walk with Susan and Gizelle

Our friend Gizelle informed us that she was coming to NY this weekend to participate in the Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network (NCAN) “Strides for Stripes” Zebra Walk, held Saturday October 22 at Eisenhower Park. Gizelle was representing Team Sanchez, and we joined in with our support and donation.

We were out east at Port Washington concluding dinner with friends Friday evening when we got the text Gizelle had arrived in Manhattan earlier than expected and was on the train toward us. It had turned foggy so we made the best time we could to get there for when she arrived.

It was a little late when we all got home, so we all turned in to rest up for a day of fun.

I was up at my usual Saturday time of 6:30 for my coaching buddy call. Shortly afterwards, the girls were up and we started getting ready to head out. The gorgeous sunny weather we recently enjoyed was gone, and we were looking at 54 degrees, wind and rain. Still, it was a good cause, the event was on, so we bundled up and headed out. Sue is the guru of navigating in this area and got us there with minimal fuss. (Despite the car who was stopped on the expressway with hazard lights on).

We found the event tent, got signed in and set out on the 5k course, a little behind the main group of walkers. As we got moving, the chill dissipated and we enjoyed some exercise, fellowship and supporting a great cause. As Sue is recuperating from a knee surgery, we took an early route back to the base, as Gizelle continued to walk the full course.


Thankfully, they had hot coffee and sandwiches waiting for the participants, which we promptly took advantage of.

The participants congregated briefly, then dispersed to get out of the weather and warm up. We opted to go on our way also, to see what other opportunities there were for fun.

Ascent 292 – Networking with MatchMySpirit

I’m honored to be associated with Naini Nakagawa of and her Holistic Network. She is a prolific networker in the NYC and Long Island areas, organizing a variety of events to bring great people together.

2016-10-18-14-53-36I had the honor of attending the Speaker Series event at YoGanesh Yoga, located at 29th St and 7th Ave in Manhattan.

Initially, I almost oped out as it was raining heavily and I was already soaked while doing some errands and I wasn’t sure how much more walking I would need to do to get to the event. I felt inspired to give it a shot, so grabbed a ticket for the Long Island Railroad at Little Neck station for the 20 minute ride to Penn Station.

As I arrived, the rain had subsided and I was pleased to find out it was only 5 blocks away. I joined the crowds and made my way to the location. I was a little early, which is my preference as I like to get acquainted with a space and ensure I get a good space. It was duly noted that the studio is available for rental as this would be a wonderful location for me and my co-creator to present in.

People started to show up, as did Naini herself – who is always a wonderful energy to connect with.


The event consisted of 3 presentations and several exhibit tables. The presentations were enlightening and informative, especially the AARP Life ReImagined progam which I will be following up on.

I got to meet my friend Marta Stemberger for the first time and look forward to attending her events in the near future.

Overall, a great event, wonderful energy and some new connections made. I’m now excited for Naini’s networking lunch this Monday in Bayside. If you’re in the area, please come and join us.

Ascent 291 – Fixing the iPhone with a Paper Clip

I love technology – when it works. I’m not a big fan of getting the latest & greatest, opting to wait a bit for the bugs to get worked out and the device to be stable.

I did get iPhone 6 about 15 months ago as my Windows Phone was beginning to get flaky. Also because I was fed up of being one of the few people with a Windows Phone.

The iPhone has been pretty awesome all around, It’s started having a problem with the charging cord. When plugged in, it wouldn’t engage and start charging, causing me concern the jack was coming loose from the circuit board, which is a short hop to not working.

I had the opportunity today to visit my local AT&T store and explained the problem to the young guy at the counter. He looked at my phone then stood up and walked over to a draw, returning with a …. paper clip.

He then proceeded to pick out lint and debris from the charging port. I was amazed at the amount of crud that had got stuck in that little slot. He worked on it for a minute or 2, then took it into the back to clean it off with compressed air.

A quick check with a nearby charging cord confirmed that it was a good as new and charging properly.

And, a great reminder to not presume anything and that solutions don’t have to be high-tech, complex or costly.

Ascent 290 – Meeting Teresa the Influencer

2016-10-16-16-50-10My friend, Teresa De Grobois, asked me to share about a Health & Wellness Expo she was the keynote speaker for in Saddle Brook, NJ. I’ve known Teresa for several years, respect her immensely and am thus more than willing to share her information.

Although I’ve known Teresa for a while and have spoken to her several times, I had not actually had the honor of meeting her in person. Saddle Brook is a short hop on NJ side of I95, so it was opportune for me to go pay a visit also.

My timing was perfect. I arrived just as Teresa was about to take the stage and do her keynote presentation. I had time to introduce myself and give her a hug.

She then took the stage and captivated the audience for 90 minutes on her topic of being an Influencer.

massinfluenceHer presentation focused on 3 of the 10 influence insights from her best-selling book – Mass Influence.

I greatly enjoyed her energy and her insights, and am looking forward to reading her book shortly and learning more. Hopefully, I’ll get to interact with her again soon also.

The expo itself was a great event. I had the privilege of meeting a few enlightened, like-minded peeps who I’ll be following up with shortly to explore networking opportunities.

To learn more about Teresa, please visit

Love the influence.