Ascent 90 – Putting the Art in Articulation

My first today was to contemplate how the digital world has shifted the reading & writing capacity of the general population. I was inspired by a blog post in an email from Cathy Goodwin, PhD ( the blog post is:

The blog described the home page and how copywriting & home pages go together for effectiveness on the target audience. It emphasized how online readers typically scan online content. I do find myself scanning and skimming myself, especially on email subjects and then open those that catch my eye. I will then fully read the content when I have time to do so. That is the emphasis for me – making time to read properly.

FullSizeRenderIn this world or IM, texting & tweeting, there is a whole new breed of shorthand that is prevalent in our society. Granted, there is the time for a brief text yet it’s a debilitating habit to practice that brevity in all communication. I’m not a grammar snob albeit I do strive to take advantage of this wonderful language we have been blessed with to interact with the world at large, and express myself appropriately.

When I was younger, I was an avid reader and I believe that was key to my appreciation of the language today. My son was one also and had a college-level vocabulary at 8 years old. I truly believe that reading is one of the greatest activities young people can do as part of their education, evolution and development of communication & expression. Among my heroes are the teachers whose devotion is to convey this awareness & passion.

I’m blessed to have many great writers in my circle who enlighten me daily and remind me of what a privilege it is to have this great gift of language and I commit to practicing it fully each day.


Ascent 89 – Salad with Fish & Chips

Definitely a first for me and potential banishment from the Empire: Salad with my fish & chips!

Fish and chips

I’m a Brit and certain things are simply hard-wired in my DNA. A love of the fried fillet & spuds is one of them. As I’m on a mission to eat more clean and part of that is to have half my plate with uncooked leafy green veg, I had no option but to cross the line.

I prepped the food in the usual fashion, except I cut down the number of fillets and the quantity of fries to bake. As that was being heated to perfection, I prepared the rest of the meal – a large bowl of romaine and kale.

After what seemed like an eternity, the timer pinged and I deftly transferred the patriotic morsels to the plate, and delivered them to the dining table. And then, the green invasion began. I followed my instructions and covered half the plate with salad. A dash of Thousand Island, a little tartar on the fisht and malt vinegar on the fries, and it was showtime.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal with enough protein & starch to be satiated, enough greens to feel full without feeling stuff and, most importantly, the knowing of taking a step forward in health. My ancestry may not approve of my deviation with this hallowed national dish, and that is okay.

Carry on

Ascent 88 – Green Smoothie 

I’m loving this healthy journey with coach Ling So. I have received lots of great information on what to buy and put in my body. Yesterday, I visited Fairway market and stocked up.

The first today was the green smoothie. An interesting blend of blueberries, raw cashews and leafy greens. I chose spinach and kale. Organic is the order of the day. I also added 2 tablespoons of goats milk kefir and a scoop of protein powder.

The mix was blended into a smooth, creamy texture and was actually quite pleasant to ingest.

The shifts I’ve been making with Coach Ling are truly making a difference.

Learn more at

Ascent 87 – Just Falafel

A first visit today to an interesting restaurant. I had to make a visit to Barnes and Noble today. I’ve been overdue and had a 20% coupon to use. Sue accompanied me as I did the obligatory cup of dark roast and perused the aisles looking to see what jumped out at me. I did not actually purchase anything on this trip albeit I did achieve the desired effect.

When I managed to extract myself from the hallowed halls of B&N, I suggested we stroll around the corner and sample the fare at a restaurant I’ve seen a few times as I drove by.

2015-12-11 10.21.29


Just Falafel is a chain that offers a variety of wraps, salads and platters featuring falafel, shawarma and gyro. You choose the type of meal you want, select the protein and the signature salad, then load it up with a your choice from a selection of fresh veggies and sauces.

We both chose the falafel wrap. I added the cucumber salad, tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, feta cheese, green olives and red pepper hummus. The wrap was rolled tight, wrapped in foil, then put in a heated press to warm it all up.

As we’re being conscientious about what we’re eating, this was an ideal meal. It was flavorful, satisfying and nutritious and did not leave the stuffed feeling.

I have a feeling Just Falafel will be a part of future Barnes and Noble expeditions.

Ascent 86 – Making Up My Own Holiday

A fun first today as I acknowledged National Make Up Your Own Holiday. I love the site, recommended to me by awesome blogger & friend, Cindy Lauderdale Moore.

It shows a variety of non-standard ‘holidays’ that are often fun to engage in.

Unfolding Journey

Her Unfolding Journey Cover Pic

I declared today Honor Your Fellow Journeyer Day to inspire folks to acknowledge those who contribute to making the journey more fulfilling, exciting and fun.

Although we all need a little solitude occasionally, a shared journey is always more appealing than a solo one.





All rights to Hobbitt – Desolation of Smaug

I am so deeply grateful for my tribe, the awesome spirits whose barrels are hitched to mine, no matter what. We may not always speak regularly, yet we are bound energetically and journey side by side.

I thank YOU for being a part of my journey and my ascent to what is possible.

Ascent 85 – Solely Intuition

For today’s first, I opted to allow my intuition to guide me all day. Like most other things I write about, it’s not the first time I’ve tapped into the resource – it is a first to make a conscious effort to let it drive all day.

2016-03-25 20.28.26

I love the Psychic Tarot cards by John Holland and pull a card daily to show what to hold in my awareness. Today I pulled the Intuition card and, after studying it’s details and reading the associated text, I made the decision to get out of my head and let everything come to me intuitively.

There are, of course, many things in the day that just happen, or we may have a particular schedule that we must adhere to. Yet, intuition can guide you in and through those things, in addition to guiding you in what is the optimal next step for you.

Intuition for me, is a sense of inner knowing, a discernible pull toward something. Other times, it’s a simple image or a word as to what to do in this moment. It is often counter-intuitive (How’s that for an oxymoron?) in that it feels contrary to what your logical mind – or ego – is conditioned for you to do.

I choose to trust my intuition and follow the guidance that I receive.

I did find that my day overall felt like it flowed smoother and maintained a higher space of energy. In a typical day, I have felt like the ball in the pinball machine, being batted around and bouncing off everything.

I loved the result of letting go and opening up fully to my intuition and will ensure this is a foundational part of my daily routine ongoing.

Ascent 84 – Hello Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird that is – my first experience with this email client. For a couple of years now, I’ve managed my email via the email service, ie: Gmail, or via the mail accounts on my phone. And, I got fed up with it.

For a long time prior, I used an email client program on my computer. Mostly Outlook Express. This allowed me to set up multiple email accounts from various providers and capture them all in one receive swoop. I could create folders to categorize my messages and implement rules to move them there automatically when they came in, allowing me to browse a category of email at a time, which maintained focus.


As I was getting ready to shut down my web hosting package and transfer my Coach email address, I needed to offload all emails first. There it was – my perfect opportunity to switch to a client program.

ThunderbirdI had done some research on the available clients for the Windows OS. I went with Thunderbird because it has been around a while, is stable and has great reviews. I’m not a fan of massive functionality in software – I prefer simple, robust and does what I need it to do. If you’re in the market, Google ‘best email clients for Windows’

The download & install was a breeze, as was the account set up. And then it was time to do something else as the 7200 messages were downloaded into the client for the first time. After that, it will only download new messages. I love also how you can set the client up to delete the messages from the server after download, so you will have a minimal set of messages on the web.

I’ve already cut this quantity of messages in half and will continue the purge over the next few days. There are a few important categories & emails I want to retain and have easy access to, and I’ll be getting that set up shortly. As part of this simplification process, I’ll be unsubscribing from many of the email lists I have signed up for or got conscripted to somehow. Life is just too short to read unnecessary emails.

I think Thunderbird and me are going to get along just fine.