Ascent 292 – Networking with MatchMySpirit

I’m honored to be associated with Naini Nakagawa of and her Holistic Network. She is a prolific networker in the NYC and Long Island areas, organizing a variety of events to bring great people together.

2016-10-18-14-53-36I had the honor of attending the Speaker Series event at YoGanesh Yoga, located at 29th St and 7th Ave in Manhattan.

Initially, I almost oped out as it was raining heavily and I was already soaked while doing some errands and I wasn’t sure how much more walking I would need to do to get to the event. I felt inspired to give it a shot, so grabbed a ticket for the Long Island Railroad at Little Neck station for the 20 minute ride to Penn Station.

As I arrived, the rain had subsided and I was pleased to find out it was only 5 blocks away. I joined the crowds and made my way to the location. I was a little early, which is my preference as I like to get acquainted with a space and ensure I get a good space. It was duly noted that the studio is available for rental as this would be a wonderful location for me and my co-creator to present in.

People started to show up, as did Naini herself – who is always a wonderful energy to connect with.


The event consisted of 3 presentations and several exhibit tables. The presentations were enlightening and informative, especially the AARP Life ReImagined progam which I will be following up on.

I got to meet my friend Marta Stemberger for the first time and look forward to attending her events in the near future.

Overall, a great event, wonderful energy and some new connections made. I’m now excited for Naini’s networking lunch this Monday in Bayside. If you’re in the area, please come and join us.


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