Ascent 221 – Releasing Fears

It felt appropriate to share about releasing fear today. Definitely not a first experience, yet a first at applying tools I’ve been learning to effectively release a fear.

Fear2My life hasn’t always been this peaceful. I used to be rather anxious and had more than my share of fear. When I realized I’d started drinking a bit too much and I committed to taking a break, I realized how severe some of my fears were.

My first level of relief came from the book by Dr. Susan Jeffers – Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway – back in the early 90s. It was a great read and had some wonderful concepts to mitigate your fears and get back in the flow of life.

Feel The Fear

If you’ve experienced fear or anxiety, you know how debilitating it can be. (If you feel it is at a severe level, please seek qualified professional assistance.)

FearI had decided that I wanted to have a presiding space of peace in my life and was committed to releasing anything that inhibited me from that. And, I had some work to do.

I connected with my mentor Amy Scott Grant a few years later and she introduced the concept of clearing to me. I practiced with her methods and was delighted to realize that I had not just learned to deal with the fears, I had actually cleared them and eliminated them from my being.

Overall, my journey has been quite amazing over the last few years, and I didn’t feel fear anywhere in my field.

When I reconnected with Amy and got involved with her Ripple Magic program, it opened me up to a whole new dimension and revealed some other fears that had managed to escape detection.

This is why you don’t want to get complacent on your spiritual journey. Stay open, keep learning, keep growing, keep clearing & releasing and keep receiving in greater & greater ways.

Breaking Chain

Recently, a fear came into my awareness and, thanks to the tools & techniques I’ve been studying & practicing, was promptly dissipated and removed from my energy. And, I can use these techniques to help others clear and release stuff that’s been holding them back – even that which is not on their radar.

I’m loving the freedom and excited to see what gets cleared next.


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