Ascent 296 – Joanne and Lisa Meet

One of the greatest blessings for me on my journey is sharing it with amazing people. I’m truly blessed to have so many wonderful spirits who share energy with me.

I’m loving the events being hosted by my friend Naini Nakagawa. Friday, I attended a great session in Manhattan. Monday, was a networking lunch at the Asian Terrace in Bayside, NY – a short drive from where I live in Queens.

It’s always exciting to connect with new like-minded people with a vision of shared success. Two of my great friends in this area – Lisa Mondello and Joanne Barry shared that they were going to be in attendance at the luncheon. This was good news to me as I respect & admire both of them, and always enjoy being in their company. They had not actually met each other before, so this was going to be a first for them also.

Lisa and I pulled in at the same time and made our way to the restaurant. We were greeted by Naini and got to meet a couple of the other early birds, and get a head start on our networking.

We took our seats at the end of the table and began perusing the menu, to get that out of the way and resume interacting.

And then, Joanne arrived and she met Lisa for the first time. It was wonderful seeing how excited they were to make this connection and to learn more about what each other does.


Joanne hosts regular events at her Fitness R Us studio in Flushing and it will be a perfect venue for some of the projects we’re all working on.

When great people come together with shared vision and purpose, the world gets changed.


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