Ascent 293 – Cancer Walk with Susan and Gizelle

Our friend Gizelle informed us that she was coming to NY this weekend to participate in the Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network (NCAN) “Strides for Stripes” Zebra Walk, held Saturday October 22 at Eisenhower Park. Gizelle was representing Team Sanchez, and we joined in with our support and donation.

We were out east at Port Washington concluding dinner with friends Friday evening when we got the text Gizelle had arrived in Manhattan earlier than expected and was on the train toward us. It had turned foggy so we made the best time we could to get there for when she arrived.

It was a little late when we all got home, so we all turned in to rest up for a day of fun.

I was up at my usual Saturday time of 6:30 for my coaching buddy call. Shortly afterwards, the girls were up and we started getting ready to head out. The gorgeous sunny weather we recently enjoyed was gone, and we were looking at 54 degrees, wind and rain. Still, it was a good cause, the event was on, so we bundled up and headed out. Sue is the guru of navigating in this area and got us there with minimal fuss. (Despite the car who was stopped on the expressway with hazard lights on).

We found the event tent, got signed in and set out on the 5k course, a little behind the main group of walkers. As we got moving, the chill dissipated and we enjoyed some exercise, fellowship and supporting a great cause. As Sue is recuperating from a knee surgery, we took an early route back to the base, as Gizelle continued to walk the full course.


Thankfully, they had hot coffee and sandwiches waiting for the participants, which we promptly took advantage of.

The participants congregated briefly, then dispersed to get out of the weather and warm up. We opted to go on our way also, to see what other opportunities there were for fun.


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