Ascent 291 – Fixing the iPhone with a Paper Clip

I love technology – when it works. I’m not a big fan of getting the latest & greatest, opting to wait a bit for the bugs to get worked out and the device to be stable.

I did get iPhone 6 about 15 months ago as my Windows Phone was beginning to get flaky. Also because I was fed up of being one of the few people with a Windows Phone.

The iPhone has been pretty awesome all around, It’s started having a problem with the charging cord. When plugged in, it wouldn’t engage and start charging, causing me concern the jack was coming loose from the circuit board, which is a short hop to not working.

I had the opportunity today to visit my local AT&T store and explained the problem to the young guy at the counter. He looked at my phone then stood up and walked over to a draw, returning with a …. paper clip.

He then proceeded to pick out lint and debris from the charging port. I was amazed at the amount of crud that had got stuck in that little slot. He worked on it for a minute or 2, then took it into the back to clean it off with compressed air.

A quick check with a nearby charging cord confirmed that it was a good as new and charging properly.

And, a great reminder to not presume anything and that solutions don’t have to be high-tech, complex or costly.


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