Ascent 290 – Meeting Teresa the Influencer

2016-10-16-16-50-10My friend, Teresa De Grobois, asked me to share about a Health & Wellness Expo she was the keynote speaker for in Saddle Brook, NJ. I’ve known Teresa for several years, respect her immensely and am thus more than willing to share her information.

Although I’ve known Teresa for a while and have spoken to her several times, I had not actually had the honor of meeting her in person. Saddle Brook is a short hop on NJ side of I95, so it was opportune for me to go pay a visit also.

My timing was perfect. I arrived just as Teresa was about to take the stage and do her keynote presentation. I had time to introduce myself and give her a hug.

She then took the stage and captivated the audience for 90 minutes on her topic of being an Influencer.

massinfluenceHer presentation focused on 3 of the 10 influence insights from her best-selling book – Mass Influence.

I greatly enjoyed her energy and her insights, and am looking forward to reading her book shortly and learning more. Hopefully, I’ll get to interact with her again soon also.

The expo itself was a great event. I had the privilege of meeting a few enlightened, like-minded peeps who I’ll be following up with shortly to explore networking opportunities.

To learn more about Teresa, please visit

Love the influence.


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