Ascent 289 – Reconnecting to the Body

Recently, I’ve been upping my self-care and came to the realization that I wasn’t as connected to my body as I thought I was.

Why is this important? When you are in connection with your body, you are tuned in to what it is needing, you hold it in a higher space and you honor it with what you allow in it and how you treat it.

Even though you may be exercising and eating conscientiously, without a connection to your body, you’re not getting the full benefit and not getting the signals of what is working and what is needed.

We live in a fast-paced world that is massively cerebral. We’re so much in our heads and being busy that we tend to neglect the vary vehicle that makes it all possible.

I love practicing yoga as it requires that I be present to the moment and conscious of my breath as I move into and out of a posture. This is one way to begin a connection with your body.

Another method I find very effective is to get out in nature and get grounded. As you embrace the calm of the outdoors and you acknowledge the beauty of what is all around you and how integrated it all is, you can feel the same integration happening within you.

I attended a lecture recently at the Yogashakti ashram that explored the mind-body connection. It was amazing how the state of the mind can influence the body and vice versa. And not just the physical body, but the energetic bodies as well, that are key influences on our mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Once you establish a connection with your body, you’ll be amazed at the difference in your energy and your awareness.

This is one of the topics that my friend Lisa Mondello and I will be providing some insights and education on.

How will you honor your body today?


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