Ascent 288 – Laptop Peace & Love Restored

I waited with baited breath for the verdict on my recently failed laptop. I had an inkling they were going to tell me it was not going to be an easy or cheap fix.

Intuition was true. They called and advised me the the motherboard had failed. They could replace it albeit the quality of the replacement parts has not been reliable. Plus, the cost of the repair was almost what I originally paid for the unit.

I stood down their repair and advised I would return to pick up the unit. I may look into acquiring the board myself and installing it. I had taken a full system back up 2 days before failure, so was in good shape data-wise. Just needed a new laptop to install it on.

As it turns out – Sue had a Lenovo IdeaPad that she had acquired a little while back. It was practically brand new as she is an Apple girl. I took it off her hands for less than the cost of the new unit and commenced the configuration.

It was still on Windows 8, so first order of business was upgrade to 8.1. I don’t use that many applications, so it was a breeze to re-install what I needed. The data was available in OneDrive and on my Seagate Slim external, so it was pretty straight forward to get the data back in place and get operational again.

happy-laptop-guyI had some fun with a couple of the applications as they were downloads and I had to go online to get the activation keys. Plus, there’s some internal data for the Thunderbird email program that isn’t visible to transfer. Am suspecting system files are hidden from mortal eyes and only restoreable via the integrated software.

Few lessons learned:

  1. Backup your data. Regularly.
  2. Ensure your back contains ALL your data and you can restore it.
  3. Keep track of software disks or download information including the activation keys.
  4. Ensure your antivirus software is up to date and running.

Technology is a boon and a bane for modern society. When it works, it’s wonderful. When it doesn’t, it’s hell on earth. Practice the above and you’ll minimize the pain if something goes wrong.

I now have a happy laptop.



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