Ascent 285 – The Laptop Demise

laptop-demiseI’ve been tardy with my blog posts over the last few days. Reason being that my ASUS laptop decided to cease functioning.

A couple of days ago, I was using it and was on the phone speaking with a friend. The system advised it had an update and prompted me to restart. Which I obliged with.

When the boot sequence initiated, a BIOS error was thrown and the computer would not do any other boot activities. The screen would illuminate and then stops. And that’s all it does.

I attempted to locate the battery and remove it to totally take power out of the circuitry. The new computers don’t seem to have external batteries, so I needed to separate the casing. I removed the screws then found the panel didn’t want to come easily. Knowing there is a reason, I put the screws back in and opted to defer to the professionals.

I took the device to the MicroCenter store in Westbury NY and joined the line of people with their malfunctioning equipment. The Tech cringed when I told him what happened and he saw for himself.

The fact the hardware boot sequence is not initiating is not a good thing. I should be getting a call in the next day or so to let me know the verdict.

Thankfully, the majority of my documents are on OneDrive and I recently did a full back up of the hard drive 2 days before it crashed. Tip: If you haven’t backed up your drive recently – do it now. I scored a 1TB drive at Staples for $59. Or, use one of the many cloud backup services.

Thankfully, Sue has a Lenovo that she isn’t using, so I’m able to resume activities. I started playing with my Android tablet and bluetooth keyboard albeit it’s a tad clunky and slow.

Isn’t technology wonderful?


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