Ascent 284 – Going Deeper in Human Design

I wrote a post on my Human Design chart and reading experience a few months ago. To read the post, click Here

2016-10-10-17-31-00My reading was done by Burry Foss and, being keen to fully understand things, I asked if there were any recommended books. He advised me to acquire Human Design by Chetan Parkyn, which I promptly did.

As I had some studies in progress and some other commitments, I opted not to get into it at that time.

Today was a different story. It’s a little chilly in NY, I’m still shaking off a cough, so it seemed like perfect time to get under a blanket with a good book. Or Kindle.

The book is an engaging read if you’re into fully understanding this system. I advise having your chart handy for reference and to see which centers, channels, gates and profile pertain to you.

The reading I got from Burry was very thorough albeit reading the book did help some of the concepts gel a little more plus some additional context was gleaned.

The beautiful thing about Human Design is that it shows you a picture of your true self and explains why you think, feel and act the way that you do. And that it is perfectly okay. It is simply who you were made to show up in this world as. And, when you do that, you’ll be amazed at how much smoother life seems to flow.

I’m currently 2/3 through the book and will conclude it tomorrow morning. I have another book to follow it with – The Gene Keys – which will be an even deeper dive into this fascinating life system.

If you would like to see your chart and understand your profile, please reach out to Burry at Let him know I sent you.


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