Ascent 283 – Fresh Meadows Pizzeria

fm-pizzaAs Sue knows I’m on a quest for the ultimate cappuccino, she was keen to get me to sample one at the Fresh Meadows Pizzeria.

Last night, prior to the Presidential debate, our friend Jessica joined us and we headed for 188th and 69th ave for some food and beverages.

It was a small place with a nice ambience. The dinner crowd had mostly left by the time we arrived, so there was ample seating choice.

I have been keen to get back on the path of gluten and dairy free eating albeit tonight was not the night.

A basket of warm Italian bread and breadsticks appeared, which was rather irresistible.

Calamari was ordered for the appetizer and Sue & I ordered Rigatoni Bolognese to share. And a side salad.

2016-10-09-19-24-38I ordered a cappuccino also, opting to have it at the onset, rather than after dinner when there was a slim chance I would be too stuffed to enjoy it.

The calamari and salad arrived and were both pretty good. The calamari was perfectly fried and the accompanying sauce had just the right amount of zest.

Our waitress, a bubbly young girl, must have liked us, as an order of garlic knots appeared on the table. (These alone will make it difficult to eliminate bread from the diet.)

Our entree arrived and we promptly took a serving each to get started. Having had all the bread and appetizers, the entree was barely necessary at that point, so most of it came home with us.

And, back to the cappuccino … it was very good albeit did not take the title. Still it’s worthy of a revisit.

Remind me not to consume a caffeinated beverage immediately prior to a Presidential debate again.


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