Ascent 282 – My Old Lady

mol1It was a great night to stay put, keep warm, order in Chinese and put a movie on.

Amazon Prime is a wonderful source of varied and interesting content. Neither Sue nor I were into anything to deep, dramatic or heavy. As we were perusing the offerings, My Old Lady popped up.

It had 4 stars, featured two amazing actors – Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith and had an interesting sounding story line. It was selected for the evenings entertainment.

The movie has a run time of 1 hour 47 minutes and is rated PG-13. It’s listed as a comedy-drama / romance which was intriguing by itself.

Kline’s character arrives in Paris to take over the apartment he inherited in his father’s will. He’s surprised to find out that he can’t take over the property as it’s under a contract known as a Viager where the owner must pay a monthly fee to the inhabitant until they pass on.

As he was hoping for a quick sale to replenish his finances and get on with life, it was a bit of a shock to him.

Maggie is the 92 year old lady who lives there and, as Kline interacts with her, he begins to learn more about his father than he wanted to know. Chloe is Madame Girard’s (Maggie) daughter and it appears her childhood was less than idyllic also.

Overall, it was a wonderful movie with beautifully interwoven humor, pain, childhood trauma and a tangled web of romance.

Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith were both superb in their roles. Kline in particular really impressed me with his verbosity and articulation. Plus, his impromptu opera duet alongside the Seine was particularly moving.

A great heartwarming movie for a chilly, rainy night.


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