Ascent 280 – Toast

toast2During a recent mastermind with fellow yog & lightworker Lisa Mondello-Morris, the energy sharing started with lunch at a nearby restaurant. Toast Coffeehouse. Anything with ‘coffee’ in the name instantly has my attention.

The restaurant is located in Patchogue on Long Island. A quaint little town on the South Shore.

As we entered, it was obvious that this was a unique place with a pleasant, vibrant energy. Essentially, my ideal habitat.

Our food orders were quickly placed. I opted for the cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. I didn’t order up a cup of coffee straight away, preferring to save that for a little later in the meal.

Lisa and I connected sharing on the topic of our masterminding & brainstorming, getting some ideas down for the program and the workshops we’ll be releasing soon.

The food arrived and it was simply phenomenal. Clearly a higher standard than most places. Fries are always a good indicator of food quality. These were not greasy, crispy and perfectly salted.

Halfway through, my caffeine alert sounded, and I felt the compulsion to sample their cappuccino.

Which was wonderful also.

Toast is a great restaurant and coffeehouse. They had a rather interesting chair in the entry way. I didn’t get to learn it’s purpose on this trip so will have to return soon.



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