Ascent 274 – Long Island Mastermind

2016-06-18-18-12-29I love interacting with great people and am deeply grateful for the many amazing spirits who walk alongside on my journey.

I had the opportunity to meet in person today with Lisa Rukmini Mondello – a fellow yogi and lightworker on Long Island.

I met Lisa at the Yogashakti Ashram in South Ozone Park NY when I was doing my yoga teacher training. Lisa had a unique presentation style & energy, and we connected straight away.

We’ve discussed collaborating on some projects for a little while now and this energy got amped up after attending Terri Levine’s Power Up Philly event.

The basis of our project was in place and we convened at the Walt Whitman mall in Huntington to seriously collaborate.

Starbucks was the workspace of choice. Our beverages were acquired, we grounded our energy, set our intentions and let the magic flow. 3 hours passed quickly and we had solidified our first deliverable. We were both elated as we’re now close to hosting our first workshop. Can’t reveal what it’s about yet as we have a few final points to define before we start promoting.

Don’t change that channel …


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