Ascent 273 – National Coffee Day

love-coffeeI’ve been known to enjoy a cup or two of that delicious black gold – coffee. Today, I was quite happy to see that today was devoted to the coffee lover.

Not that it made much of a difference in my usual daily routine. Which always starts off with a cup or three of fresh ground organic Peruvian. I do drink a cup of water in between, so as to not get too dehydrated and to ensure the caffeine doesn’t become the primary nutrient in my blood stream.

While out and about in Queens today, I realized I hadn’t formally observed this auspicious occasion. I prepared to pull over at the first coffee establishment on my side of the street.

It happened to be a Dunkin’ Donuts, who were offering a 66c special to mark their 66th year in business and National Coffee Day. I acquired a steaming cup of dark roast and made my way to my car to begin my personal celebration.

I love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and it was a delight driving with that aroma wafting through my car. I almost drove around the block one more time, just like when a favorite song comes on the radio as you arrive at your destination.

It felt good to observe this holiday. And it provided a chilling reminder that one of my upcoming firsts will be a whole day without coffee. Yes, I actually said that.

Stay tuned.


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