Ascent 270 – Crave Burger

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that a delicious part of my first experience involves food. Primarily establishments I encounter for the first time.

While in Castle Rock CO, we were looking for a dinner spot. One of our party suggested Italian. Living in NYC, that didn’t really appeal to me. Then, Crave Burger Bar was mentioned and the description of a couple of their offerings sealed the deal for me.


I am striving to be diligent with what I eat and when I go off course, do up to my physical energy. We walked almost 2 miles each morning, then did a 45 minute yoga class. So, I little caloric diversion wasn’t a show stopper.

We arrived at the restaurant and then had to wait outside while the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. Finally, we were summoned in and ushered to our table.

craveburgerThe menu had some rather interesting named sandwiches, from which I chose the 3 Little Pigs with sweet potato fries. They have a Big Bad Wolf challenge where, if you eat 3 of these platters in 45 minutes, you get a t-shirt and your mug on the wall of fame. Presumably before heading for the ER.

They also had a rather interesting selection of adult milkshakes, which I didn’t partake of.

Although decadent and a dietary nightmare, the food was excellent. I did not finish my sandwich and had a hand with the fries.

We then walked 1.2 miles back to the hotel where we promptly crashed.

I look forward to another Crave in a few months.


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