Ascent 269 – A New Pendulum

I love using a pendulum as a truth-testing tool to determine whether something is optimal or not. It’s a simple yet powerful technique, I learned from Amy Scott Grant.

I have had several different pendulums over the years and once in a while, a new one presents itself to participate in your journey.

Amy’s daughter Sally – an enterprising young lady in her own right – creates custom pendulums and offers them for sale on her website.

Per usual, a selection were available during the retreat. The one I initially had my eye on with a beautiful Tree of Life was rapidly snapped up by another participant. I opted to just let it all flow, trusting that another would appeal to me in due time. Which it did.2016-09-27-16-46-56

It consisted of wood, smoky quartz, green flourite and turquoise which offers properties of growth, prosperity, grounding, emotional calm, positivity, healing and protection. Overall, it was clearly and energetic match for me, and it came home with me.

If you’d like to order a custom pendulum for yourself, check out And, for insights on using it, get a copy of Pendulum Mojo by Amy Scott Grant.


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