Ascent 267 – Talisman Finds New Home

2016-07-18-13-29-00A couple of months ago, I wrote about a compass talisman that called to me at a restaurant in upstate New York. It just seemed like the most optimal symbol for my journey at that time, reminding me that the way will be found and to just trust.

It turned out to be elusive. Sometimes easily found amongst my stuff. Other times seeming to be lost, then reappearing. Like when I was asked for my ID at the pharmacy. When I took my license from the holder, there was my compass looking at me. I had been carrying it without knowing it Further proof to trust the process and the guidance.

On my recent flight to Denver, I was sitting next to a bubbly young lady, who was conversing energetically with the passenger on the other side. When they paused, I asked her if I overheard that she had a young one. She proceeded to show me a picture of her 2 year old son – a serious cutie with red curly hair. She then started to tear up as she shared his father had an alcohol problem and that, after 9 months of mental torment, she had stood up and declared he had to leave.

She was relieved to have made that decision albeit obviously concerned about the future, especially for her son.

In that moment, I felt the compass wanted to go somewhere else. I pulled it from my pocket, handed it to her and said “Give this to your husband and pray that it will help him find his way. I’ll be praying with you.”

She looked at me for a few seconds, then just said “Thank you.”

We finished the rest of the flight in silence and I pondered what talisman would find it’s way to me next.


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