Ascent 265 – The Howard Salad

Enjoying my sojourn from the corporate world, we took a drive in the sunshine today to get lunch somewhere different. Sue recommended Poppy’s Place in Floral Park NY, which is a short drive from the residence.

It’s a quaint area with a couple of Irish pubs that will require investigation in the near future.

Poppy’s Place was a small restaurant that has been there for a while. It had a comfy atmosphere and was almost empty as we were on the tail end of the typical lunch rush.

Having eaten out like banshees the last couple of nights for birthday celebrations, we were both in the mood for something lighter.

They had the usual fare on the menu with pastas, burgers, wraps, etc. I rarely peruse the salads in restaurants and am committed to shifting that.

2016-09-21-13-59-43Today, there was an interesting salad that caught my eye. Simply named Howard, it consisted of greens, almonds, cranberries, tangerine, blackened chicken and an orange citrus dressing.

It was a delightful combination. The sweetness of the fruit, the tang of the dressing and the spices of the chicken. I was pleasantly surprised and am keen to further explore the salad variations that are out there – especially those that omit meat.

To our health!


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