Ascent 264 – Big Bang Theory Season 9

2016-09-20-20-43-17It’s not a secret that I’m a fan on the Big Bang Theory. I don’t watch regular TV at all, instead preferring to watch the occasional movie, or a favorite series on either Amazon Prime or DVD.

Since getting turned on to this show in late 2012, I’ve acquired all seasons on DVD. It’s a fave thing to watch an episode or two at the end of the day to shift the energy before drifting into dreamland.

The cool part of not watching any of it during regular season is that it’s all brand new territory. I have heard a couple of things that are in this current season albeit nothing that constitutes a spoiler.

Thus, I have 3 DVDs of first waiting to be discovered. Which to me is rather exciting.

I am curious as to how many more seasons this show can run, given the basis of the characters. Not that I’m looking for the show to conclude, it becomes an interesting proposition to keep a running sitcom like this fresh. Which they have done an admirable job of for 8 seasons straight. And, hopefully 9.



One thought on “Ascent 264 – Big Bang Theory Season 9

  1. Unfortunately I shared with a shuttle driver at school that I love the show and that I collect the dvds. At the time Season Nine was on TV. He told me something that happened in that episode and made me want to rip his head off since he wasn’t using it!!!!!!!


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