Ascent 262 – The Book Release

I love books. Especially inspirational, positive energy books that are serve my greatest good and higher purpose.

I had a bookshelf full of these in my office at my recently dissipated job. I love feeling the energy that they bring to a space.

My belongings were delivered via UPS a day or two ago and I made a pass through them today to ensure all were present. While doing so, I had the inspiration to see which books were ready to be released.

I love passing on books that have lit my path, trusting they may do the same for someone else on their journey.

As I removed each book from the box, I checked it with my pendulum to determine whether it wanted to be retained or released into the energy stream.I wanted to keep the flow going and made a pass through the bookshelves in the attic, where the books not suitable for the office were located. A few of those were ready for a new journey also.

When I was done, I had around 15 books that had someone ready to receive them. They were consolidated into one of the empty boxes and brought down from the attic to be loaded into my car and delivered to their next destination.

As a bonus, I have opened up some space to receive into – and to bring in the next books that speak to me. Loving this journey.


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