Ascent 261 – Last Day at Parkwood Pool

Summer is winding down and the morning are getting cooler. The day had a high in the mid 70’s and it was a perfect day to take advantage of the last day of the season at Parkwood Pool in Great Neck NY.


Our friend Jessica is a member and invited us to accompany her on this last day. We’re always keen to get to the beach or the pool, so we jumped at the chance.

Parkwood is a wonderful pool facility – one of the better ones I have seen. It’s a large irregular shaped pool divided into several sections including a diving area, lap lanes, children’s pool and more.

There’s an area called the Lazy River which is a loop where water is flowing. You can float around on tubes, or walk it. Some folks walk against the flow for an additional resistance workout.

We took advantage of both even though the water was getting a little on the cool side.

After a period in the pool, it was a perfect afternoon to lay out in the sun and just relax in the space. We simply have to disengage once in a while and reconnect with what really matters.

This community does a wonderful thing for the dogs in the membership. Although today is the last day for people to swim. On Sunday, the host an event called the Dog Paddle where dogs are allowed to enjoy the water for a couple of hours. After that, the pool will be drained for the season.

Thanks for the fun, Parkwood Pool.


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