Ascent 260 – Art Show With Denis

Sue shared that her art teacher, Denis Ponsot, was participating in a show in Huntington NY and that she’d like to go visit.

It was a brief show, from 6 to 8pm and we headed off to join the east-bound rush hour traffic.

Huntington is a quaint town on the water in Long Island. When we did the yoga teacher training, the Sunday afternoon sessions were held at studio there.

It was easy to find and right across the street from the muni parking lot. As we approached the Huntington Arts Council building, we saw the throng of people already gathered there.

It was lively group and the energy was flowing and the folks were perusing the art and conversing. Several of the artists were present representing their work, especially Denis, who had 8 or 9 watercolors on display. Denis is a master of his craft and the detail in his painting is simply phenomenal.

As usual, he was surrounded by folks keen to learn more about his work. When they paused, I took advantage of the opportunity to say hi and asked if I could take his picture for my blog.

Sue joined us and we chatted a bit more about the work he had on display and he told us about his upcoming workshop that will be held in England’s Lake District. His last one was Held in Tuscany.

We found the beverage station a small room off to the side. The only non-alcoholic beverage was Perrier. She asked if I wanted regular or orange, I said regular and she poured orange anyways.

We didn’t stay too long as it was a small show and it didn’t take long to take in the displayed work. Besides, we were hungry and it was time to see some other creations – on a platter.


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