Ascent 259 – The Sun Rose Again

sunrise-nycIt was an interesting day for me on the job when, in the late afternoon after a busy day of resolving issues and serving customers, I was asked to join my boss in the head honchos office.

As he came around his desk with a folder, I knew instantly what was going to happen.

It was short and sweet. My services were no longer required. I was given some details then given a few minutes to collect some belongings and then escorted out.

Just like that, 3+ years of daily service was over.

It wasn’t really a shock as I had been feeling my tenure was over and had actively been looking for an alternate opportunity. It was just a little more sudden than I was anticipating.

I celebrated with a dinner at my favorite local Indian restaurant – Namaste Cafe on Hillside Ave.

I didn’t sleep too well last night as I had a few things running around in my mind. Primarily recapping the job and whether I could have done anything different. It is of course, rhetorical, as it is history and I attempted to just release it and get some rest.

This morning when I awoke, I lit some incense, put on Zen music, and cradled my coffee as I watched the sunrise.

No matter what happens, the sun will always rise and a new day of opportunities will unfold.

I am so blessed for the many amazing people who have offered love and support today. I love you all.


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