Ascent 257 – A Classical Drive

During my daily drive, I often spend my time listening to audio courses, chatting with friends and family, and listening to music. Sometimes, I just enjoy the silence. Well, the relative silence of New York City rush hour traffic.

The vast majority of my music is from my favorites playlist on my iPhone. An eclectic variety of new age, classic rock, blues and some ballads. I have XM radio available in my car albeit my trial period has expired. (If you feel lonely and want some correspondence or phone calls, let your Sirius XM trial period lapse.)

Today, I chatted with a dear friend for a bit then listened to some of my playlist. Especially the Enya cuts from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which always stir my soul.

classical-musicAfter a stop at the store, I wanted to listen to something different. Something I rarely ever listen to in the car. Classical music.

I knew New York had to have at least one classical station, so I clicked over to FM and started the station seek. After what seemed like an eternity of funk, hip-hop, rap, R&B and country, my ears were finally graced with the delicate tones of a concerto. It was quite blissful, driving along listening to some of the greatest music in history. A few minutes of dialog, then the next piece played. I have no idea what the titles of the 2 wonderful segments I heard were. I was just caught up in the moment and enjoying what was.

Feeling it may be time to watch Mozart in the Jungle again.


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