Ascent 254 – Sushi Heaven

After a day at the pool, Susan, Jessica and I felt like sushi would be the perfect conclusion to the day’s fun.

There’s a wonderful all-you-can eat restaurant nearby that we had not tried yet. Masago Neo Japanese Cuisine.


It was a small restaurant, with a horde of diners in various stages of satiety.

2016-09-10-19-49-46We perused the menu and then made our selections to get this feeding frenzy rolling. We chose miso soup to start, and shrimp Pad Thai, Szechuan dumplings & Chicken Satay as appetizers.

For the main course, we ordered 4 different type of sushi rolls and yellowtail sashimi.

The food was superb. Sushi must, of course, be fresh and properly prepared. This definitely fit the bill on boast counts.

Although attempting to be diligent with what we consume, it was tempting to order a little extra, so shrimp tempura, sunshine and surprise sushi rolls were ordered.

And then, enough was enough. Attempting to eat anymore would have taken away from this wonderful culinary opportunity.

Now, back on track with eating light.


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