Ascent 252 – Connected to the Body

connectbodyI’ve aware lately that my feeling of connection to my body is not at the level I desire it to be. I’m a busy professional with lots going on and, although I strive to be conscientious about what I consume and getting on my yoga mat, I’ve been feeling a little disconnected.

Having just completed some study on resolving body issues, it was emphasized how crucial a meaningful sense of connection with your body is. After all, it’s the vehicle in which you experience all the joys and pleasures of this wonderful journey of life.

I’m grateful I have this awareness as that means I’m now able to make some shifts to bring things back into alignment. The first and most simple thing is to simply slow down and be aware. As a friend reminded me recently – to feel. I love to meditate as the act of clearing your mind and slowing your breathing dissipates that funky stuff that can cloud your connection.

Honoring your body is the next vital step. Being conscientious of what you’re putting in it. Ie: Focus on the quality & value of what you ingest and reduce or eliminate all that which doesn’t serve you.

Pay attention the signals that your body is giving you. They are energetic nudges that something is needing some attention. Left unheeded too long, we know how that can manifest and create something that you won’t be able to ignore.

I’m so thankful I have this awareness and am going to make the appropriate shifts to honor & nurture the most important asset in my journey. Me


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