Ascent 251 – Red Dwarf – The End

reddwarf-iI’m a lover of British comedy – probably for a rather obvious reason. I had a 40% coupon for Barnes and Noble and went for the first season of one of my fave shows – Red Dwarf. The first episode is curiously title The End, and it makes perfect sense when you watch it.

The show is about the mining ship Red Dwarf which is out in deep space. After an accident wipes out almost the entire crew, the last inhabitants are Lister, Rimmer who is a hologram, and Cat who evolved from the cat Lister snuck on board a few millenia back. And, of course, there’s Kryten the sardonic robot and Holly, the ship’s computer.

The centerpiece of the show is the tumultuous relationship between Lister and Rimmer and their frequent colorful exchanges with each other.


I confess that this isn’t actually the first time I have watched this, but it is the first time I have bought the DVD. Episode one was watched and the energy all came flooding back.

My son Christopher was introduced to it a few years ago and, over a few birthdays and Christmases, has almost the entire set.

If you’re looking for something a tad different to lighten up your day – and expand your vocabulary – join the crew of Red Dwarf for a couple of episodes.


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