Ascent 250 – A Funny Thing

happyHumor is such an important aspect of my journey. I do tend to have a smile on my face the majority of time, primarily because it’s my preferred energy. It’s not that I don’t take things seriously, rather that I want to keep the energy where it is the most beneficial.

I do love comedy, humor, jokes and being around people who opt to be more on the happy side of life’s spectrum. It just feels like being dour & negative consumes so much precious energy and doesn’t contribute to anything worthwhile.

The ability to laugh at oneself is a precious gift. We are all human beings and do some things that are not totally compatible with our perception of ourselves. And that is okay.

I have a tendency to find the humor in most situations and, while it’s not always appreciated, does help to lighten the energy and keep the flow going.

Movies are a huge part of the humor equation for me. The majority of my favorite movies have some measure of humor intertwined in the story. Even if it’s just witty one-liners, it helps keep the energy where I like it to be and it helps keep me engaged. Can you imagine a Bond movie without the quips?

My family are a jovial bunch also. Especially my father who has that unique British humor and always has a joke on standby when you call for a chat. He tends to laugh about everything too. Like the time I was wrapping Christmas presents and had cut half-way through his checkbook, that just happened to be on the dining table …

My tribe are a happy bunch also. A wonderful band of happy journeyers, committed to enjoying this life experience to the maximum and loving every minute.

Have you smiled today? You never know the difference you can make in someone’s life by smiling at them.


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