Ascent 248 – Watching Beyond

BeyondI have been wanting to see Star Trek: Beyond since it was released to the theaters. For some reason, it just didn’t happen and then … it was no longer being shown.

Saturday night, we had dinner with our friend Jessica in Great Neck NY and passed a small movie theater on the way in. During dinner, the three of us discussed seeing a movie and the local theater seemed like a good pick. I checked on the movies that were playing and they had Beyond! Serendipity at it’s finest.

I declared Sunday as movie night, ordered a couple of tickets and headed that way. As I picked up the tickets, I told the clerk how happy I was to see the movie playing. He said that they screened it for a while then took it off. For some reason, they decided to bring it back.

We had arrived early to ensure a good seat albeit that wasn’t an issue for this showing. It was a small theater and was just perfect for this experience.

I’m like a child when I’m at the movies. I want the previews and the ads to hurry up and be gone, and get the movie going already. I still get excited when they finally dim the lights.

Beyond is a great movie and a wonderful continuation of the current Star Trek series. I love how it emphasized the maturing and the bonding of the crew and showed some of the personal issues & conflicts they were dealing with in their personal lives. Chris Pine is portraying the evolving Kirk wonderfully and Zachary Quinto is doing the same with Spock.

Beyond starts out with Kirk attempting a goodwill visit with an alien species who were less than enthused with his efforts and decided to mob him. He was beamed up before any serious damage occurred to him, except to be the brunt of McCoy’s sardonic humor.

Having been in deep space for 3 years, the crew are restless and need a break. They dock at the spacestation Yorktown for a little R&R. Their break is brief when a ship in distress comes to the station and requests help for her ship on a distant planet within a nebula in uncharted space.

Kirk and the Enterprise accept the mission and head off into one of their greatest and most challenging adventures yet.

As usual, I’m not going to do spoilers. The crew find themselves on a hostile planet, separated and without communication. Their first duty is to survive, find each other and escape.

They encounter Krall, the evil leader of the planets inhabitants and discover he has a plan to destroy Starfleet and all of it’s people. How can Kirk and the crew get it together to reunite the crew and thwart the intention of Krall?


It was a non-stop thrill ride with constant action, amazing effects and the classic Star Trek humor between Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Chekov and Sulu.

There was a poignant tribute to Leonard Nimoy and his contribution to the Star Trek legacy.

Overall, a rocking movie and one that I would see again. I accept the challenge to go Beyond and take my journey into uncharted territories.


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