Ascent 247 – Crystal Reiki Session with Joanne

Here we are in the middle of a Holiday weekend, weather unpredictable due to a storm moving up the east coast. My friend, Joanne Barry of Fitness R Us in Flushing NY, offered me a crystal reiki session.

She new I’d had a wacky week energetically, resulting in my taking a personal day Friday, and offered her Reiki services to dissipate any remaining funky energy and support me in grounding.

As the day started out, I had no agenda and no schedule, trusting all would unfold as meant. Around mid-morning, I had the hit that a session would be a good thing, so I checked in to see if she still had the 12:30 available. She did, so I headed for her studio.

Joanne is a wonderful person to know. She is a great energy and she is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of health, fitness, energy work and more.

2016-09-04 13.34.34

As I entered the Reiki room, she lit some incense and put some essential oils in a diffuser. The lights were dimmed and some beautiful music started playing. I laid on the table and she placed crystals on each of my chakras. The process was quite empowering, involving, visualization, affirmations and the Reiki magic that she performs throught the process. She worked through each of my chakras concluding each with my stating an affirmation.

It was an ethereal experience. The energy connection was amazing and the difference I felt after the session was phenomenal. I had a headache and backache when I went into the session and felt neither afterwards.

I’m going to have another session with her in the not too distant future. If you’re interested in learning more and booking your own session, please visit


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