Ascent 246 – Chinese in a Taco Shell

To conclude my day of self nurturing, we headed for Port Washington to have dinner with our friends Sharon and Jeff. It’s a quaint harbor town that greeted us with an amazing sunset over the water as we drove in.

New GardenWe met at New Garden where they offer a variety of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. One of the unique things I love here is their Bento box where you can get an order of your favorite Chinese dish combined with your choice of sushi or sashimi. You can have the best of both worlds here.

Tonight, though, we opted for something different and agreed to order 4 different dishes and we all share them.

I have a penchant for spicy foods and decided to try something new – the Shredded Crispy Beef. The orders were placed and we enjoyed some tea and company while it was being prepared.

2016-09-02 20.30.50I was rather surprised to see my entree served in a taco bowl! Sharon had ordered the Mango Chicken and that arrived the same way. I’ve eaten Chinese food for decades and I have never seen a dish served in a taco bowl. (Don’t tell Trump, or he’ll build a wall around it.)

The food was delicious and it was a treat to share and sample the dishes that Sue, Jeff and Sharon had chosen, as they were things I probably wouldn’t have ordered.

No, we didn’t eat the taco bowls.

Overall, a great evening with great friends – one of life’s greatest gifts.


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