Ascent 244 – Mercury Strikes

MercuryWe’re now in one of those lovely Mercury Retrograde periods where all kinds of funky energy happens. I’ve been feeling a little uncentered myself the last day or two.

Retrograde is observed as a period where devices and machines can fail, weird things happen, etc.

I’m currently in the Information Technology field. Last night, we had a few data issues with one of the systems I support. It got resolved and the processing resumed, so it was deemed no big deal.

I come in this morning and it’s down. Not the whole environment, just the data imports and exports on the primary hub of the system. Which actually did impact the whole thing as we couldn’t get data imported to process parcels. We couldn’t get data back for key operations like invoices and some regulatory stuff. Essentially, we weren’t moving.


We’re an industry where time is of the essence as you have to get the stuff on the trucks and the planes at certain times or you lose an entire day. Which is not a good thing.

My software team were devoted to determining the cause of the issue and resuming normal service. Time was clicking by and folks were starting to get agitated. I’ve been the programmer in the hot seat, working on the code for a broken system. I now how stressful it is to be in that position and also know that getting yelled at doesn’t fix the issue any faster. Thus, I maintain my space, I reflect appreciation and know they will get it fixed.

In due course, the issues were resolved, the data started to flow and the operation resumed processing as per normal.

While I was engaged in coordinating the resolution and the status updates, I didn’t think about Retrograde. As I was closing up for the evening, I saw a Facebook post about this Retrograde period, and I had the notion that it may have had something to do with it.

I’ll be debriefing the tech team in the next day or so to determine the root cause albeit would not be surprised if they can’t give me anything tangible.

Me personally, I’m going to keep things simple and be aware of my energetic space the next few days.


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