Ascent 243 – National Trail Mix Day

TrailI had to acknowledge this auspicious occasion. I love my salty, crunch snacks – especially when they’re spicy. There’s just something about the activity of crunching that is calming to me. There is no record of the origin or the creator of this day, so how it came to be is a delicious mystery. (Something to ponder as you crunch.)

Trail Mix is a wonderful blend of various things and the varieties are infinite. Typically, it consists of dried fruits and nuts and is a go to staple for traveling and outdoor activities such as hiking.

I’ve sampled a huge variety in my time and discovered my current favorite a couple of months ago at the Stop & Shop store in Queens. They actually have a huge variety with something to appease every palate and munchies scenario.

2016-08-31 19.50.23My personal favorite is their Tex Mex mix which is a little spicy and includes sesame sticks, almonds, peanuts and more. I actually have some left over from the weekend, which I had to partake of in order to be in proper alignment with this day.

I do tend to be conscientious with what I put in my body albeit I need to include somethings that I enjoy to help maintain the spice.


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