Ascent 242 – Impromptu Manhattan Sojourn

Monday was an interesting day. Was feeling a bit under the weather and just wanted to get home, have dinner, have my chiro appointment and crash.

Sue then told me that friends of hers from Chicago had announced that they were in town and wanted to get together in the city.

Initially, it didn’t seem viable as my appointment was at 8 and I get up a little after 5 each day. But, an adventure sounded good, so I committed to seeing what I could do to participate. Sue headed for the train station and I headed for my chiro a little early.

They had an opening, got me in and I was out of there before my scheduled appointment. What to do? Go to the station and get the train or get on the highway and drive into Manhattan. A quick check of the Waze app showed it would be a 35 minute drive, so I put the rubber to the road.

There were a couple of slowdowns albeit nothing to serious. My route had me on the Long Island Expressway, heading for the Midtown Tunnel. As your heading this way you’re seeing the magnificence of the city all lit up. It truly is spectacular. And then you’re in a tunnel for a mile and a half.

At the end of the tunnel, a quick position trade with other cars had me heading for 38th St. and 9th Avenue, where the chosen restaurant was located.

NYC traffic is an experience, especially the cabs. Right of way is a completely foreign concept in this space. I made it to 9th without any altercations and found a parking spot.

Turns out I was 3 blocks away albeit that wasn’t a problem as I’d been sitting all day.

The initial restaurant had closed early so a plan B was chosen and I joined Sue & her dear friends Donna & Bob inside.

2016-08-29 22.14.00

This was my first time meeting them and the revelries began. The restaurant was a quaint sports bar type joint that wasn’t too loud. Our group was good energy with lots of laughs – one of my favorite pastimes.

After dinner, Bob & Donna were heading for Rockefeller Center and asked if we wanted to come along. I grabbed the car and picked everybody up to head for 5th avenue and 50th st. The drive there was quite uneventful and another parking spot was easily found. We strolled a couple of blocks to the Center where the observation area was located. We had been noodling around whether to join them but decided to call it a night instead.

2016-08-29 22.21.51

2016-08-29 22.36.28 HDRSo, back to the Rogue, put the GPS on home and began our way out of the city. For some reason, it chose to take us right through Times Square which, although amazing, is extremely congested. After a while of evading kamikaze tourists, we made it out of there, back to the Midtown tunnel and to Queens where we promptly crashed.

I must admit I’m glad I chose to be spontaneous and not just go home for that early night.


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