Ascent 241 – Happy Birthday Mokshapriya

When of the blessings I received in NYC was when Sue introduced me to the Yogashakti ashram in Queens – and wonderful teacher Mokshapriya.

It instantly became my favorite yoga studio due to the community, energy and the yoga & philosophy teachings of Mokshapriya.

She also hosts an amazing retreat space in upstate NY – the City of Light Sanctuary. (Where we hope to convene with our tribe this coming weekend.)

Today, after the yoga class and the Sunshine Lecture, a pot luck lunch was arranged to celebrate Mokshapriya’s birthday. We were not able to get to the class & lecture but had to attend the luncheon.2016-08-28 19.25.59

It was in full swing when we arrived and there were plenty of goodies left to partake of. After we wished the guest of honor a happy birthday, we got to visit with some fellow yogis that we hadn’t seen for a while.

Having a community of like-minded spirits, your tribe is such a valuable asset in your journey. I’m so grateful for Mokshapriya & Yogashakti.


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