Ascent 240 – Jones Beach

It was a beautiful sunny day today and a perfect opportunity to hit the beaches of Long Island. We chose Jones Beach and headed in that direction.

Jones is actually a series of beaches, labeled Fields, with a boardwalk that connects several of them.

It was recommended we go to Field 6 as it had food options. On the way, we passed Nikon Jones Beach theatre where the major concerts are held. Jimmy Buffett was there on Thursday, which I didn’t know about until the day.

As could be expected, it was busy there, and it took us a little while to find a parking spot. (Which is one of the most prevalent problems with anything in New York.)

We headed for the food court, to find out it was closed pending renovations. So, we settled for some snacks from the gift shop to hold us over.

The beach area was rather extensive and it was a little bit of a walk to get closer to the water. A suitable spot was found, the sheet spread out and our derriere’s parked.

It was wonderful seeing all the people and children having fun, enjoying the sun & sand. And those frolicking about in the Atlantic. We opted to join them and walked the short distance to water. We didn’t go in fully, as the waves were a bit rough today. It was refreshing to sit in the surf and cool off.

When we returned to our spot, I laid out and promptly dozed off, fully enjoying this beautiful weather and environment.

There is something so calming and centering about being out in nature and the beach is truly one of my favorite spaces to be. Especially when there is a sunrise or sunset, which didn’t happen today.

Around dinner time, we headed for a restaurant Sue had wanted to try for a while – Jordan’s Lobster Farm. It was an interesting place, on the water and extremely busy – which is a good sign for a restaurant. There wasn’t much on the menu for a non-seafood type like me but I was able to have a good meal.

2016-08-27 18.19.16

There was a mini Ferris wheel in the open area, which is something you don’t see everyday.

Overall a fun day with 2 definite firsts.


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