Ascent 239 – The Lotus Pond

This morning, I had the urge to go for a drive in the sunshine and experience a little different energy for a while. I opted to head for Northport, NY where a friend of mine had a yoga studio.

Northport is a quaint harbor town on the north shore of Long Island, about 40 minutes from home. It was a pleasant drive with some country scenery.

I parked in town and walked a few blocks toward the harbor where there was some people milling around. Turns out there is a park there, and a morning Farmer’s Market. I enjoyed some time sitting in the sun, taking in the boats and the people, and briefly perused the booths in the market, not buying anything this time around.

There were several interesting restaurants and coffee shops in the vicinity also.

My friend Cathleen Fizzingolia, fellow yogi & yoga teacher lives in the area and was available to meet.

After a brief visit in the park, I followed her out into the country to her studio – The Lotus Pond.

Stepping into the yard was like stepping into a Zen space. First thing that greets you is actually a lotus pond. There was a Buddha and some other artifacts that contributed to the peaceful feeling of the space.

I learned that Cathleen doesn’t host a yoga studio, her practice is actually yoga therapy, which is a one on one process that includes yoga asanas and concepts.

I wasn’t able to spend much time today and learn much about it albeit am sure our practices will cross paths and there will be some opportunity to collaborate to raising the state of peace on the planet.

Check out the page on Facebook


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