Ascent 237 – My First Etheric Weaver

2016-08-25 09.38.02I’ve been learning some pretty awesome things recently on my journey in energy work and clearing.

One of the tools that I experienced was an Etheric Weaver. A quartz crystal meditation vibrational healing tool.

I was recommended to visit the site for Shambala Healing Tools and to choose the one that most resonated with me.

After observing them for a few minutes, I chose the Siberian Blue Quartz, wrapped in copper.

Every thing in our space is energy and this means that things that we feel or experience are typically the result of the energy flow or blockage.

The weaver is a tool that supports the identification and clearing of energy flows and thus assists in bringing about healing.

I was very excited when mine arrived in the mail and could feel the energy of the quartz. I’m looking forward to using this tool in my healing and clearing practice.

Learn more about them at:


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